April 08, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Refused to Give Money to Friend Dealing with an Aggressive Form of Cancer

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A few years ago, a man refused to give his friend dealing with cancer money. Now, he has decided to describe his late friend as exactly what he was— cruel. Though his mom urges him to forgive and move on, the young man just can't.

James, a 30-year-old man, met his friend Andy five years ago. The pair hit it off and soon became close, seeing each other and hanging out with their other friends often.

James would, however, later discover that Andy did, in fact, not like him and had often talked about him behind his back with some of their other friends.

Two friends having an argument | Photo: Shutterstock


Someone told him Andy has repeatedly talked about not liking him and often suggested they don't invite him out on the grounds that things were better if James was not invited.

James decided to avoid Andy after hearing these things, but that seemed nearly impossible since they had many mutual friends. Eventually, things got bad between the two men, with Andy most often talking down on James.

A photo of a somber man sitting in a couch. | Photo: Pixabay


Fast forward to a few years later, Andy was diagnosed with cancer, and his group of friends was asked to make donations towards his treatment.

James and many others, however, declined since he had been mean to a lot of people over time. Andy passed away a few months later.

Two men having a discussion | Photo: Pixabay


As expected, this caused a lot of grief for his family and loved ones, including James's mother, who constantly talked about how he did not deserve to die.

James, however, told his mom to stop bringing him up, but the older woman persisted. One day, she implied that Andy must be looking down on his friends, but James quickly fired back, saying Andy would be looking up at them because he was most likely in hell.

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Horrified by James's words, the older woman scolded him, telling him that despite Andy's behavior when he was alive, he would have to forgive and let go of all that happened between them.

But James told his mother that he could not just forget what happened because Andy passed away. He added that even though he won't go out of his way to speak badly about him, he won't lie about who Andy was if his mom continues bringing him up.

While James truly believes in honoring the dead, he had decided that there is no point pretending to honor someone who went out of his way to make him miserable when he was alive.