Daily Joke: George Visits the Doctor for His Annual Check-Up

Lois Oladejo
Apr 13, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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A 90-year-old man went for his annual medical checkup. His impressive results pleased his doctor, who dug further to find out how the man was able to stay healthy and maintain a good relationship with God. 


A 90-year-old man named George always went to the doctor for his annual medical checkup. Last week, he went for another annual checkup. When the test results came back, George's doctor was impressed with what he saw.

He told George that he was in great physical shape and had no issues. The doctor wanted to know if his patient's physical condition was the same as his mental and emotional health. 

A doctor consulting with his patient. | Photo: Freepik.


Hence, he asked George how he felt mentally and emotionally and if he was at peace with himself. The doctor further asked if the nonagenarian had a good relationship with God. 

George responded, telling the doctor that his relationship with his creator was perfect. He explained that God knew he had a poor sight and He fixed it.

A photo of a doctor examining a man. | Photo: Shutterstock


The old man explained that whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, the light usually comes on when he starts peeing and goes off when he finishes. 

The doctor was impressed with this information. Later in the day, he called George's wife, Thelma, to update her husband's medical results. 

A doctor talking with a patient in the office. | Photo: Shutterstock


The doctor told Thelma that her husband was doing well physically and revealed he was calling her because of how awed he was with the 90-year-old's relationship with God. 

The doctor asked Thelma if it was true that when George wakes up at night to pee, the light goes on in the bathroom when he starts peeing and then off when he finishes. 

A photo of a doctor talking to a male patient. | Photo: Shutterstock

Thelma was shocked by what she heard and said, "That old fool! He's been peeing in the fridge again!" 

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