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Story of the Day: Woman Calls Her Mom a Pervert and Refuses to Apologize

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 14, 2021
05:50 P.M.
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Today's Story of the Day is about how a girl got into a fight with her mom after calling the latter a pervert and refusing to apologize for her comments. Here's what happened.


Amanda's mom has always been in charge of what she wears and is often selective. Whenever she thinks a dress is too revealing, she would insist that her daughter changes it before leaving.

Her mom has been in control of her dress mode since she was in high school and even chose her prom dress for her. It was not until she turned 21 that she started having a say over her dressing with little input from her mom.

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Recently, Amanda decided to give herself a treat and did something she has never done before. She placed an order for a $300 gown. When the gown came, she discovered that the neckline was lower than she thought, but it was a perfect fit and made her look beautiful.

Amanda liked the dress more than any she has owned. She felt it made her prettier and made her more confident about her physical appearance.

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When her mom saw the dress, she found it irritating and said she could barely stand to look at Amanda. She explained that she loved the dress, but her mom strongly noted that she would not be allowed to wear it because of the low neckline.

Amanda tried to be respectful of her mom's feelings and wore a jacket to cover up the gown each time she wore it, but her mom insisted that the dress was awful.

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Later on, Amanda stopped wearing a cover on the gown, then her mom complained that she was giving the wrong impression and her boss might reconsider hiring her.

She explained to her mom that she wore the gown for lunch with her boss, and he said she looked lovely in it, but her mom was having none of it.

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Recently, she got into a fight with her mom for saying the dress would attract perverts to her and make people pass comments on her body, especially her breast.

Amanda angrily told her mom that since she got the dress, she has been the only one who comments on her breast and body, which makes her the pervert.

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Amanda has refused to apologize for her comments even after other family members called to interfere. She explained that her mom is being insensitive and needs to let her be. How do you think Amanda should have handled the situation?

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