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TMZ: Chet Hanks' Ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker Is Suing Him for $1M as She Claims He Abused Her

Jené Liebenberg
Apr 15, 2021
06:50 P.M.
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Chet Hanks is heading back to court as Kiana Parker is suing him for physically abusing her and threatening her during their relationship. 


Chet Hanks could be coughing up $1 million with his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker suing him for various forms of abuse that occurred while they were in a relationship from October 2020 to January 2021. 

In the lawsuit document, Parker revealed numerous instances of Chet attacking her both physically and verbally, even threatening to murder her with her twins in the same vicinity. 

Chet Hanks at the Screening of the BET Series "Tales" at DGA Theater on June 26, 2017| Getty Images



Chet's relationship with Parker was a volatile one as a video of an aggressive altercation between the two surfaced, showing the two parties both accusing each other of abuse. 

30-year-old Chet, whose parents are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, retaliated against the first restaining order that his ex filed against him with a lawsuit and viewed Parker's latest lawsuit as a response to his action. Chet's lawyer shared

"We consider the claims filed by Kiana Parker to be a shakedown. The lawsuit filed by Ms Parker is in response to the  lawsuit filed by Chet Hanks against Ms Parker."



The actor seems ready to face his ex-girlfriend in court. He claims the video taken in his Sugarland residence is evidence enough of who was being abused in the relationship. 

[Chet] has given his status as a father the credit for overcoming his cocaine addiction.

Chet is shown with a bloody face in the video, with Parker taking a go at him with a pot in her hand. The 30-year-old also claims that Parker came at him with a knife, an allegation that she denies. 



Chet's drama with Parker isn't the only public controversy that he has been dealing with. The singer's newest merchandise has him facing racism allegations as all of the clothing items are titled under the collection "White Boy Summer."

The Gothic font is seen on the hoodies, baseball caps, and shorts had fans accusing Chet of being racist, with plenty of them taking to Twitter to share their concerns. One user wrote

"When I think of typefaces white people should avoid, anything remotely calligraphic/blackletter looking pops immediately to mind."



With the public ordeals and drama seemingly following the "Forest Gump" star's son, it is evident that Chet is the Hanks family's black sheep. 

As one of three children that Tom shares with his wife, Chet has always been in the spotlight, causing havoc of some form which is in complete opposition to his father's spotless reputation in Hollywood. 


Chet is a father himself. He shares his daughter, Micaiah, with Tiffany Miles and has given his status as a father the credit for overcoming his cocaine addiction. Chet received treatment in a rehabilitation facility for his substance abuse problem. 

Having attempted a career as a rapper and taking on smaller roles in shows like "Empire," "Shameless," and " Curb Your Enthusiasm," the 30-year-old has tried following in his award-winning father's footsteps.  

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