April 18, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Refuses to Share Baby Supplies with Her Stepsister

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A woman and her stepsister have found it difficult to get along since they were kids. Now grown-ups, the duo are pregnant but have refused to let go of the past.

Rose and Marty have been stepsisters since they were both 3 and 5, respectively. Their parents have always wanted them to see each other as family and get along well.

Marty saw her mom occasionally, and when she did, she came back bitter and sad. She would often take out her frustration on Rose. Sometimes she would deliberately be mean to her step sister.

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Marty's attitude towards Rose became a source of concern to their parents. They would be under surveillance each time they were together as their parents did not trust what Marty would do.

One time Marty threatened Rose and said that she hoped she would die of a disease. The statement made Rose's mom scared, and Marty was put in therapy.

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When Marty was 15, she lived with her mom and cut off everyone, including Rose. She only started speaking to them when she turned 19, but her cold attitude towards Rose continued.

In school, Marty treated Rose like she did not exist and would often tell friends that they were not related. Most times, she would tell people that Rose was a family friend living with her parents.

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The situation was difficult for Rose and her mom. She wanted them to be sisters but has become hurt by the treatment she has received from Marty.

Now 24 and 25, both Rose and Marty are pregnant with Marty due three weeks after Rose. The 25-year-old kept reminding Rose that their kids would never be cousins since they are not sisters.

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Rose's partner's family made sure to gift her lots of baby clothes which filled different boxes. Her stepdad came over to help her arrange them and told her that Marty would want some clothes.

Rose declined and said she had already promised to give it to a friend of hers. When Marty heard it, she said Rose was silly and stupid for putting her friend over her family.

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Rose responded that they had never been family, and Marty was only trying to get free clothes. The latter then said that she was only trying to get them closer and act like sisters since they would soon be mothers. What should Rose have done?

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