Suspect In Custody after Mass Shooting At a Bar in Wisconsin Left at Least 3 Dead and 3 Injured

Jené Liebenberg
Apr 19, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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The Kenosha bar shooting that took place on Sunday is the latest in what has been a multitude of mass shootings occurring throughout the U.S. 


The Kenosha Sheriff's Department reported that a mass shooting occurred at Somers House Tavern in Kenosha Country on Sunday evening, leaving three people dead and three victims seriously injured. 

The authorities have identified the suspect and have taken him into custody. The person of interest is charged with first-degree intentional homicide with other charges to follow. 

An officer looking back toward the scene behind him. | Source: Pexels/ Rosemary Ketchum



The Kenosha Sheriff's Department shared a statement on Facebook which revealed that a total of six men had sustained gunshot wounds, of which three had died. The other three males were admitted to the hospital. 

The investigation of the incident was a collaborative effort across multiple departments as seven agencies and eight fire departments were pulled together for this case. The statement reads

"The complex investigation involves multiple crime scenes."



The Kenosha authorities are not worried that the incident will be recurring as they believe it to be an isolated, targeted shooting. Hence there is no further threat to the community at this time. 

The shooting left eight people dead and multiple people with serious gunshot wounds. 

Peter Ploskee, a resident who lives near the bar where the shooting took place, shared that the gunshots were unexpected, and when he looked to see where they were coming from, he saw people running from the bar. 



Although the authorities have not publically confirmed the identities of the victims involved in the shooting, Cedrick Gaston's brother confirmed that the young father was one of those who were killed in the mass shooting. 

Gaston's sibling shared how senseless the killing was and that his death was incomprehensible. The victim's brother traveled from Detroit after finding out Gaston had passed away. He shared

"At the end of the day, it don't even make sense. It don't make sense to me at all for somebody else to come and take his life."



This incident follows the mass shooting that occurred at an Indianapolis FedEx Ground Plainfield Operations Center. The shooting left eight people dead and multiple people with serious gunshot wounds. 

The shooter is reported to have committed suicide on the scene. His relationship to the FedEx station and the motive behind the violent act is still unknown. 


Another mass shooting incident occurred earlier in April with a husband, wife, two grandchildren, and an air conditioner technician killed in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Former NFL player Philip Adams is the suspected shooter. 

Adams committed suicide after killing the family and left another technician seriously injured after sustaining gunshot wounds. Authorities have discovered no motive as of yet. 

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