7-Year-Old Girl Killed & Her Father Shot in Their Car in Chicago at a McDonald's Drive-Thru

Stephen Thompson
Apr 20, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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A seven-year-old girl and her father were allegedly shot while waiting in their own car at a McDonald's drive-through in Chicago— details here.


The gun frenzy in the United States seems to worsen every day. One of the most recent tragedies involves a 7-year-old girl named Jaslyn and her father, Jontae Adams.

The two were shot on Sunday as they waited in Adams' car at a McDonald drive-through located in Chicago's Homan Square neighborhood. The child did not make it. 

Yellow "Crime scene do not cross" tape. | Photo: Pexels


The tragedy is reportedly gang-related, and it is believed that Adams was the target. The call for help went out on Sunday afternoon, and when officers arrived, the little girl was barely clinging on to life.

The police attempted to get the wounded Jaslyn to a hospital; she was given CPR in a squad car and moved to Stroger; however, she was pronounced dead upon arrival. 


On the other hand, her father is faring better. He was also transported by fire paramedics to the same hospital his child was taken and would be fine.

Jaslyn, also known as "Pinky" to relatives, has been described as a lively girl who enjoyed dancing and loved to make TikTok videos. She loved McDonald's and had been attending the Cameron Elementary School before her life was cut short.

The man is in a serious condition while the woman is in a critical one.


No arrests have been made so far by the police, and no possible motive has been provided. An employee working at the fast-food restaurant told the Chicago Sun-Times that two people exited a grey car in the drive-through and began shooting at Adams's vehicle.

His car was tinted, so they may not have had any idea a kid was in the car. She was reportedly shot eight times while Adams caught one bullet at his torso. 


He had reportedly called his mom first, asking her to come pick him up and telling her, "they shot my baby." Any doubt that the shooting is a deliberate attempt at Adams' life is blown away because he has a long criminal history.

Another possible proof that gangs are behind the tragedy was provided less than three hours later when a 33-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman were shot in a blue car at a Popeyes in Humboldt Park.

The man is in a serious condition while the woman is in a critical one. It is believed the shooting is somehow connected to the McDonald's shooting, but the police are yet to find any definitive proof. RIP Jaslyn.

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