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Strange Tree Creature in Poland Turns Out to Be Croissant Stuck in the Branches

Gaone Pule
Apr 25, 2021
01:40 A.M.
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What appeared to be a strange and scary creature turned out to be food stuck on a tree branch when a woman called first responders in terror on behalf of her neighborhood. 


The Krakow Animal Welfare Society posted about an incident whereby a woman called in and said an unidentified animal was terrorizing the community in Poland.

In desperation, the woman told the inspector to come and fetch the creature. She said it had been sitting in a tree for two days, and people had not opened windows because they were terrified.

Pictured - Puff pastry, croissants for breakfast | Source: Pixabay


The inspector suggested that it could be a bird during the call, and the woman remained adamant that it was not. When asked what it looked like, she said it was brown and hinted that it was a lagoon.

When the inspector asked once again if it could be an iguana, she said, "Yes, an iguana," while adding how everyone was afraid of it. The inspector wondered how it could have survived in such cold temperatures. 


However, the animal welfare society official was not convinced and thought an iguana could not be there in Krakow during the middle of the day.

He believed that it could be someone trying to get rid of their pet while recalling his experience as an official for animals. The inspector shared that some pet owners tend to desert their unwanted animals sometimes.

Pictured - A meadow tree during sunrise | Source: Pixabay


When the officials responded to the scene, they discovered there was no threat to the people in the neighborhood. It was because the unidentified "creature" was a croissant stuck in a tree.

The KAWS said the croissant had become lodged in the tree by someone who attempted to feed birds, although they could not confirm it. Regardless, they removed it from the tree without any incident, and the terror in the neighborhood ended.

Pictured - A yellow Macaw parrot | Source: Pixabay


The organization confirmed that the incident was genuine and urged the public to continue to report such cases on the side of caution and to report any concerns about animal welfare.

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A young boy hides between the pillows on the couch | Source: Pixabay


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