Daily Joke: Two Men Were Digging a Ditch on a Very Hot Day

Stephen Thompson
Apr 23, 2021
09:10 P.M.
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While digging a ditch on a very sunny day, two men conversed with each other and wondered why their boss was standing under a tree shade while they were hard at work. 


Two men were hard at work, digging a ditch. The weather was very sunny, and the men felt the full brunt of the sun's fury. Meanwhile, their boss was standing under a tree nearby. 

One of the men asked his colleague why they were down inside a hole digging a ditch under the scorching sun while their boss was standing under the shade of a tree. 

A man digging a hole | Photo: Freepik


The second man answered and said he did not know why their boss was standing under the shade. However, he volunteered to meet with the boss and ask him. 

The man climbed out of the hole and walked to his boss. He asked him why they were busy digging the ditch under the sun while he was standing in a shaded area. 


The boss simply replied that it was because of intelligence. The man asked the boss what he meant by intelligence, and the boss showed him an illustration. 

He placed his hand on the tree and asked the ditch digger to hit it with his fist as hard as he could. The ditch digger did as he was told, but the boss removed his hand, causing the former to hit the tree.


The boss explained to the ditch digger that the illustration depicted intelligence. The digger went back to the hole and met his co-worker. His co-worker asked him what their boss said. 

The man explained that their boss said they were down in the hole because of intelligence. His co-worker asked him what intelligence meant. The man put his hand on his face and said: 

"Take your shovel and hit my hand." 


Here is another hilarious joke about a boss and her employee: A boss called an employee into her office and, with a serious look on her face, asked him if he believed in life after death.

The employee knew his boss was a skeptic and knew the kind of answer she would want to hear. Hence, he told her that he did not believe in life after death because it was yet to be proven.

However, his boss told him he should start believing in it, adding, "Because after you left work yesterday to attend your uncle's funeral, he came into the office looking for you."

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