Story of the Day: Man Forbids Brother's Fiancée in His Home for Trash Talking About His Mom

Bettina Dizon
Apr 26, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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After trying to make amends with his family, Mikey’s fiancee was kicked out of his brother’s home. Here’s what happened to the once happy family.


As they say, blood is thicker than water, but sometimes painful events can turn family members against each other. This is the story of the Newton family and how their lives slowly fell apart.

Isabel and Glenn Newton were high school sweethearts-turned-husband and wife with two boys, Danny and Mikey. Their happy family soon fell apart, and grudges carried on for several years after.



Like any couple, Isabel and Glenn were madly in love with each other while raising their two little boys. The pair worked hard to provide for their family and ensured that their sons grew up in a healthy and loving environment. 

However, when Danny and Mikey turned six and four, life took a quick turn, and their parents began having marital problems. Because of financial problems, Glenn drank excessively every night and argued with his wife all day.

Isabel filed for divorce soon after, and their happy family was split in two -- Isabel took Danny with her while her husband raised Mikey. Although seeing each other on holidays, the brothers grew distant as time passed.


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Tragedy struck the family yet again when Mikey entered high school. His father met a terrible accident while on his way to work and did not make it through the night, leaving Mikey heartbroken and devastated.


Isabel was upset over Danny’s reaction, claiming he should not have sent his brother and Claire away.

But instead of moving in with Isabel, he grew hatred in his heart and blamed her for Glenn’s death; after all, she was the one who left him at a time where he struggled to provide for their family.

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Mikey decided to use his inheritance money to live alone while attending school and later met a girl, Claire, who instantly fell in love. Similarly, Claire was head over heels for Mikey and became devoted to him.

As time passed, Claire’s love turned into possession, reaching a point where she would chase off people who befriended her boyfriend. When the college was about to begin, Mikey realized he was running out of funds; hence, he went to his mom for support.

No matter how rude Mikey was, Isabel would still welcome him with open arms and grant him favors. However, they had no mother and son relationship as Mikey would only go to her when he was out of money or in trouble.


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Sadly, it came to a point where Isabel would only know about the happenings in her son’s life through Facebook, including his proposal to Claire, whom she never even met in person.


When college came to a close and Mikey found a job, he softened his heart and started building a bond with Isabel -- and Claire hated it as her boyfriend would spend time on the phone with his mom on some days.

One day, Danny found his mom in tears after Mikey returned to his cold ways and refused to have dinner with Isabel. To make matters worse, Claire messaged the mom, insulting her and questioning why she wanted Mikey to drive interstate just for a visit.


Enraged, Danny called his brother and told him off, claiming that Claire has influenced him to return to his bitter and mean attitude toward his family. Their conversation turned into a fight, and the two ended on bad terms.


Two months passed, and Mikey did not reach out to the family. However, on Danny’s birthday, he called and decided to make amends with his brother and mother by visiting the celebrant’s house with Claire.

Isabel and Danny greeted Mikey with open arms and claimed they were happy to have him join the celebration, but it was evident in Claire’s eyes that she was not in favor of what happened.


While having dinner, Isabel constantly tried to talk to Claire and get to know her further but was always returned with one-word answers until finally telling her to stop trying to make conversation.

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Isabel quickly tried to switch the topic to make things less awkward but obviously felt bad. After the meal, as Danny was cleaning up, he overheard Claire telling Mikey how his mom was only getting in the way of their relationship. She said:

“It’s clear that your mom hates me and is trying to be close to you just to break us up. She has never been a good mother to you anyway so why are you trying?”


Danny could not stomach how rude Claire was to his mom and threw her out of the house. Although Isabel tried to calm his son, Danny’s mind was made up, and the evening turned into a disaster. He yelled at Claire: 


“If you can’t respect my family, then you have no place in this house.”

Isabel was upset over Danny’s reaction, claiming he should not have sent his brother and Claire away despite her behavior. Weeks have passed, and the two brothers have not spoken since.

While Danny feels bad for what happened, he believes that Mikey’s fiancee was too much. Would you have done the same thing? For a similar story, read about a man who kicked his former mother-in-law out of his house.