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Dog Beats Two Types of Cancer Along Journey to Visit 43 States & Counting — Here's Sox's Story

Dayna Remus
Apr 27, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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When it comes to Sox, Michael Fiala, and their shared motorcycle adventures around the United States, it is obvious that dogs and men are truly meant to be best friends. 


Husky Sox and his owner Michael Fiala have stood side by side as the adorable dog managed to beat two types of cancer. This was all done along their journey visiting 43 states - and counting. 

Sox is just as passionate about motorbikes as his owner. When Fiala asks the furry animal if he wants to go for a ride, the clever dog howels in deep agreement. 

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While riding, the dog sits right behind his owner like a human, with his goggles and helmet strapped on.  Fiala eventually decided to take a motorcycle trip together around America, reaching 43 states and more. 

Sox has slowly has begun to stop joining Fiala on his adventures as much as he used to.

Unfortunately, Fiala found a tiny bump on Sox's neck throughout all this, which eventually grew bigger. It was found out that he had two types of cancer, but the two eventually managed to beat it. 



Sox has grown older, unable to sit right on the back of the motor seat. However, Fiala made a plan, and now the furry friend has a custom made trailer with a safe box that is attached to the bike, Fiala expressing

"I know that my best friend is right there with me."

The pair has earned a decent online following, with Sox's Instagram account hitting around 227,000 followers. Some have even nicknamed the two "Mike on the Bike" and "Sox in the Box." 

Sox the dog with a cone around his neck. | Source: Facebook/The Dodo



Getting even older, Sox has slowly has begun to stop joining Fiala on his adventures as much as he used to.  This nomad has set up a GoFundMe account to help create a space for the two to settle, explaining

"My travel fund is depleted and I know it’s time to make a change. We need a large enough space for us to sleep in."

The two have since reached their fundraising goal of $15,000 plus more. In a recent update, Fiala said that he and his best friend are currently on the lookout for a possible truck to live in. 

Michael Fiala and his dog Sox riding on a motorbike together. | Source: Facebook: The Dodo



Riding a motorbike with one's furry friend is more common than most might imagine. Some put them in their jackets, in their sidecars, and what's referred to as a "Nelson Rigg Petter Carrier."

Beyond that, there are the canine sports backs, which allow one to wear a type of backpack suitable for a dog while riding. There are even protective goggles created specifically for our furry friends. 


Beyond adventures, dogs sometimes provide us with comic relief. This occurred when a man walked into his friend's house, astounded to see his companion playing chess with a proficient dog.

Amazed at the animal's skills, he told his friend that it was the most intelligent dog he came across. Offended, his friend disagreed with him, explaining that the dog lost two out of the five games they played.