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Daily Joke: A Woman Has Almost the Same Phone Number as the Motel Nearby

Joe Akins
May 02, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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A woman who had almost the same phone number as the motel nearby decided to get her revenge in the most hilarious way after she kept getting the motel's endless phone calls.


A woman named Anne Brooke, who lived in Ribrock, Tennessee, suddenly found herself faced with a serious telephone problem. Of course, many people go through similar problems, but Miss Brooke decided to do something about it.

Apparently, a brand-new multi-million-dollar plaza called the Ribrock Plaza Motel recently opened nearby, and by some strange coincidence, they acquired almost the same telephone number as hers.

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From the second the motel opened, Anne's phone did not rest as people started calling non-stop. Seeing as it was easy for callers to make that one-number error, Anne thought it best to communicate with the motel management.

After all, she had the same phone number for years, and it was only sensible that she persuaded the motel management to change its number instead. 

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So, Anne reached out to the motel management and explained the situation. As she expected, the management refused to change their number despite her persuasion.

They were adamant to not change their stationery. Anne went a step further and reached out to the phone company. However, they were not helpful either.

The company told her that a phone number is a phone number, and even if one customer kept getting the phone calls of another customer all day, it was not their responsibility.

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With all her options exhausted, Anne knew it was time to take things into her own hands, so she set out to make a plan. If they weren't going to listen, she would find a way to get them to do so.

The next day at 9:00 in the morning, her phone rang. It was someone from Memphis who was calling the motel to ask for a room the following Tuesday. Anne played along like a real attendant at the motel and asked them how many nights they would be staying. 

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Not long after that phone call, another person from Dallas called in. It was a secretary who wanted to book a two-bedroom suite for a week. Still playing along, Anne told the secretary that the presidential suite on the 10th floor of the motel was available for $600 per night.

The secretary instantly said she would take the suite and asked if the motel would need to make a deposit. Anne quickly declined, saying the motel did not need deposits as they trusted their customers deeply.

The calls kept coming in, and by the next day, Anne's phone only got busier. That morning, she got a booking for an electric appliance manufacturer and his family for the Memorial Day weekend.


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She also had a College prom reservation as well as a reunion of several World War II 82nd Airborne veterans. After she has had her fun, Anne settled down to watch the O.J. Simpson trial.


She turned on her answering machine and took a much-deserved break. Her biggest challenge thus far came when she turned back in for "work," and a mother called in to book the war room for her daughter's wedding in June.

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Anne reassured the woman that there would be no problems with reserving the ballroom for her daughter's wedding. She then asked if the mother would provide the flowers or have the hotel take care of it instead. The caller went for the latter.

She went a step further and informed the caller that the hotel did not charge for valet parking, but they still recommended that the clients tipped the drivers. In only a few months, the motel fell into absolute chaos.

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People who had annoyingly booked with her false motel kept showing up for weddings, sweet 16 parties, reunion parties, and even bar mitzvahs. Upon their arrival, they were told that there were no such events booked.

As she watched The Ribrock Plaza Motel turn into a disaster scene, Anne knew she had gotten her final revenge when she was reading through the local newspaper and read that the motel was on the verge of bankruptcy. 

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Not long after, a business executive from Marriott reached out to her looking to buy the motel for $200,000. Leila calmly replied: "We'll take it, but only if you change the telephone number."

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