Story of the Day: Mean Husband Makes His Wife Get Plastic Surgery and Then He Regrets It

Bettina Dizon
Apr 30, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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Today's #storyoftheday is about Ian and Missy, a husband who only valued his wife for her physical appearance until their marriage fell apart.


It is no secret that a person's appearance is what instantly draws attention to others. While personality is the most important thing to consider, a person will often approach someone they do not know based on their looks.

But as time passes, the physical appearance will change, but a person's kind and genuine personality will remain the same. Here's the story of Missy and Ian, who fell in love with each other at the prime of their lives.

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Missy was the muse of her company's department. She was young, flawless, and had an incredible physique, attracting many men who lined up to have a date with her, but it was Ian who caught her eye.

He was funny and charming, but most importantly, he was the only one who had character and did not try too hard. Ian was two years her senior and undoubtedly attracted to the 27-year-old.

The pair dated for a few months before Ian proposed. As the company had a policy about couples in the same department, Missy left and pursued a career elsewhere. Nevertheless, she remained close to her workmates with whom she spent five years of her life.


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The couple had a small wedding and exchanged vows. Missy applauded her groom for working hard and being sweet, while he praised her for always being the most beautiful woman in the room.


At the end of the day, Ian lost a good and loving wife because of how he perceived beauty from physical aspects only.

After her first pregnancy, Missy found it difficult to lose her baby weight, but her husband helped her by enrolling her in a weight watchers program. They did not have children after that and raised Tony, their only son.

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Through the years, Missy devoted her life to raising Tony and making her husband feel loved and cared for. She cooked for him, washed and ironed his clothes, and even massaged him during his late nights in the office.

Despite doing all the work, Missy never complained. She loved Ian, and he remained faithful to her, which was enough for Missy. But as time passed and she got older, Ian noticed that Missy was gaining weight and letting herself go.

During dinner, he would tell her to stop eating rice so as not to gain more weight, and at night, he would ask her to sleep early so that her face would be smooth again. Although she remained silent, Missy was hurt by her husband's words.


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On Missy's 42nd birthday, her husband surprised her with a box wrapped with a pink ribbon. As the celebrant excitedly opened the gift, she was surprised to see a brochure of a plastic surgeon and several gift certificates.


"What is this?" she asked her husband, wondering if it was some prank. Missy's husband came closer with a serious yet happy look on his face and said it was a gift to one of the best surgeons in town. He added:

"You're not getting any younger, and this can help you make your face smaller again, maybe get a botox here and there. The possibilities are endless!"

Upset, Missy asked her husband why he couldn't love her the way she is, to which he said he loved her, but he could not stand how she let herself go. "Do you want me to start looking at other women?" he asked. "Is it too much to ask for you to be beautiful again?"


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The evening ended with Ian upset at his wife, not caring that his gesture hurt her. The following day, he told his wife he would be attending his boss' birthday party, who was also her former boss, in two weeks.


After asking if she could come, Ian lied and said that it was an all-boys event. However, Missy's former colleague already told her about the party and extended the invitation, revealing that it was for everyone's enjoyment.

Knowing that her husband did not want her to go because of her appearance, Missy went on a strict two-week diet and exercise to lose a few pounds without letting her spouse know. She also bought a new body-hugging dress and had her hair and makeup done.



While Ian was enjoying himself talking to other women during the party, his wife entered the room and caught everyone's attention. Suddenly, she looked like the muse she was years ago.

Ian instantly approached his wife and complimented her, stunned that she looked gorgeous and nothing like how she dressed at home, doing all the chores. However, Missy refused to talk to him and spent the night with her former boss and co-workers.

When she got home, Ian was waiting and again complimented his wife. He said, "Look how gorgeous you can look when you fix yourself! Imagine what plastic surgery could add to your beauty."




Missy gave her husband the cold shoulder for a week, but it seems he did not even notice. Nearly every night, as she put on her best evening gown, Ian would initiate intimacy, but Missy would sleep instead.


After a week, it was Ian's turn to celebrate his birthday, and he was excited to receive a box wrapped in a big blue ribbon at his office desk. With all his colleagues surrounding him, he opened the box.

To his surprise, the present contained divorce papers from Missy, leaving him embarrassed. Furious, Ian headed home only to find an empty house with no more Missy. On the dining table sat her birthday present -- the box that tore Missy's self-esteem apart.


At the end of the day, Ian lost a good and loving wife because of how he perceived beauty from physical aspects only. Would you have done the same thing Missy did? For a similar story, find out how Nicole took revenge on her sister after stealing her husband.