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Charles Spencer Shares Real Story behind a Rare Throwback Photo with Late Sister Princess Diana

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 27, 2021
08:10 P.M.
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Late Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, took the time to reveal the truth behind a rare throwback picture a tweep shared showing him and Diana.


The late Princess Diana's younger brother has revealed the truth behind a rare throwback picture one of his followers shared on Twitter, showing him and his late sister. 

A tweep shared a black-and-white snap showing Charles Spencer and Diana looking tense and somewhat annoyed while walking side-by-side. The tweep captioned it: "That time Diana and her brother looked like they were on the cover of a Smiths album. So cool."

Princess Diana during a dinner given by President Mitterand on November 1, 1988 | Photo: Getty images


In his reply to the tweet, Spencer thanked the tweep for forwarding the photo. He further revealed that the picture was taken late in 1980 when he was 16.

The Princess was taking him out from Eton College for lunch in The Hind's Head Bray. Her Mini Metro was followed by 12 cars and a motorbike of tabloid journalists, which Spencer said was enough to make any teenager look as disdainful as Morrissey.

Earl Charles Spencer attends the ICAP charity day at ICAP on December 9, 2015 | Photo: Getty Images


Many other tweeps reacted to Spencer's explanation. One of them thanked him for explaining the picture's backstory, adding that it is easy for people to misinterpret it. 

Another tweep noted the journalists' presence must have been unsettling enough to make Spencer look as cool as cucumbers, adding that they love the photo before thanking him for giving some context. 

He feels very passionately that he has a role in honoring her memory.


Spencer shared a close bond with Princess Diana and grew up together at Althorp House, the Spencer Family's ancestral home. Last November, Spencer spoke out about his late sister's portrayal in Netflix's drama, "The Crown."

He revealed his unease with the series' fourth season, which followed a fictionalized version of Diana's wedding with Prince Charles. He said he was worried about people forgetting the series is fiction and assuming it as a part of history. 


Spencer further said "The Crown" had a lot of conjecture and invention, adding that it could be hanged on fact, but the bits in between are not fact. He added that he felt it was his duty to stand up for Diana.

They grew up together, and when one grows up with somebody, they remain the same person despite what happens to them later. Hence, he feels very passionately that he has a role in honoring her memory. 


On Mother's Day, Spencer paid tribute to their mother, Frances Shand Kydd. He shared a rare picture of her holding him as a baby in 1964 when he was less than a week old.

Kydd and Spencer's father, John Spencer, had five children. Besides Charles and Diana, they also shared daughters Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Baroness Jane Fellowes, and son John, who died within ten hours of birth.