Daily Joke: A Woman Gets an Unusual Interview Task from the CIA

Joe Akins
May 02, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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A woman went to the CIA to get interviewed for a job as an assassin. Things took a morbidly interesting turn when she was given an unusual task.


Two women and a man went to the CIA as candidates for an assassin position. On the final day of testing them, the CIA proctor took all three of them to a secret place.

First, he led the first female candidates to a large steel door and handed him a gun. The proctor told the candidate that the test they were about to conduct was solely to test how obedient they were.

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They needed to know that they would follow whatever instructions were given to them. The candidate nodded, eager to start the test.

Before she went in, the proctor told her that in the room behind that steel door, she would find her wife sitting in a chair. Her orders were to use the gun given to her to kill her wife.

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The candidate was shocked and mortified at the order. She immediately refused, saying that she could never shoot her wife. The proctor nodded and told her that she was certainly not the woman for the job. The woman left.

Next, the second male candidate was brought to another steel door and given the same instructions. The candidate put on a brave face, steadied himself, collected the gun, and walked into the room.

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Only minutes after, he walked out of the room with tears in his eyes and the gun in his hand. Seeing as the room had been deathly quiet, the proctor assumed that he was unable to carry out the task. He was right.

The man admitted that he could not bring himself to shoot his wife and, therefore, did not qualify for the position. The man was led out of the building.

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Next, the female candidate was brought to her own steel door. Behind it was her husband, the proctor said. She was asked to take the gun and shoot him. 

Without any hesitation, the candidate took the gun and walked into the room. Not long after, there were six loud shots heard from inside. It was silent for a bit until all hell broke loose behind the closed door with screaming, crashing, and cursing.

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Suddenly, the chaos stopped, and everything went quiet. The door opened slowly, and the woman walked out panting slightly. She said to the proctor: 

“Did you guys know the gun was loaded with blanks? I had to beat the man to death with a chair!”

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