May 01, 2021

Daily Joke: There Were Two Evil Brothers

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This is a story of two evil yet rich brothers. The brothers were so rich they used their money to keep others from seeing their evil ways. However, a pastor soon exposed the brothers for what they were. 

Two brothers, Adam and Tom, shared a close relationship, one that also included having businesses together and living a similar lifestyle. Unfortunately, they were also very evil. 

However, they kept their evil deeds discreet and wore a totally different appearance in their community. Most saw them as good people, and they even made a habit of going to church every Sunday.

Two goofy men | Photo: Pexels


With all these, it was easy for Tom and Adam to fool the community and act as the perfect duo that they were not. However, their story was about to change.  

One day, the pastor of the church the brothers attend retired, and a new pastor was hired. The new pastor not only saw through the brothers' charade, but he also spoke the truth and was loved by the congregation. 

Soon, the church began to grow, and people from far and wide came to the church to join them. Because of this, the church decided to campaign to raise funds that will help build a new assembly. 

Two goofy men | Photo: Pexels


While this was in the works, one of the brothers, Adam, died. After his death, Tom went to see the new pastor to ask that he perform a befitting burial for his brother. 

Tom also told the pastor that he would pay for the new building and handed him a check worth a lot of money. However, he had one important request.

Tom asked the pastor to tell everyone during the funeral that his brother was a saint. The pastor collected the check and told Tom that all his wishes would be met on the day of the burial. 

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The pastor went ahead to cash the check, deposited it in the church's account, and then prepared for the funeral. On the day of the funeral, during the event, the pastor was ready.

He said about Adam: "He was an evil man. He cheated on his wife and abused his family." After going on and on about how evil Adam was during his lifetime, he concluded with:

"But, compared to his brother, he was a saint."


Here is another joke about brothers: A man who was going out of town asked his brother to help him out with something. The man was going on a business trip, and he needed help with taking care of his pregnant wife. 

He told his brother that if his wife, who was pregnant with twins, gives birth before he gets back, he should name the kids. His brother replied that it would be an honor to name the kids.

Two men having a conversation | Photo: Pexels


A month after the trip, his wife gave birth. His brother called him about the news saying: "Your wife's given birth to a boy and a girl. They're beautiful."

The man was happy to hear the news and asked the brother what he named his children. He replied, "I called the girl Denise." The happy father asked what his brother named his son, and he said: 

"I called the boy De-nephew."