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Daily Joke: A Man Comes to the Bar and Orders 3 Beers Every Day

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 29, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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A man orders three beers in a bar each day, sparking the bar man's curiosity. When questioned about his drinking pattern, the man gave them the most surprising reason.


Paul McLean, an Irishman, took residence in the small town of County Kerry. His first time in the pub, the man ordered three beers and sat alone in a corner, causing the bartender to raise his eyebrows.

Silently, the barman served the customer three beers as requested. When the man consumed all three, he ordered another three, further sparking the bartender's curiosity. The man requested another round of three before finally leaving the bar.

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McLean returned to the pub the following evening, and like the previous day, ordered three beers at a time, severally. He repeated the routine every evening in the weeks that followed, causing him to become reputable among the locals.

Soon, everyone heard about the man who orders three beers. Finally, the barman summoned the courage to question the man's drinking pattern on behalf of the entire town. He asked carefully:

"I don't mean to pry. But folks around here are wondering why you always order three beers."

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The man smiled calmly, took a big gulp of his beer, and drops the glass ceremoniously before replying: "Tis odd isn't it?" The bartender nodded in affirmation, urging McLean on. He continued: 

"You see, I have two brothers. One went to America, the other to Australia. We promised each other we would always order an extra two beers whenever we drank, as a way of upholding the family bond."

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The reply impressed the barman and the townspeople, as they admired the brothers' commitment to family. McLean became a local celebrity and the pride of County Kerry. Many even came from far and wide to watch him drink in honor of his brothers.

One day, the man showed up at the bar as usual but ordered only two beers. The barman poured the drink with a heavy heart, assuming the worst. The news went around that McLean lost one of his brothers, leading the locals to host a memorial for the lost soul.

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The next day, the bartender addressed the customer on behalf of the people, saying: "Folks around here want to offer condolences to you for the death of your brother. We all noticed the two beers and all."

Taken aback a bit, McLean pondered the bartender's statement for a moment before offering his response: "You'll be happy to hear that my two brothers are alive and well. It's just that I, myself, have decided to give up drinking for Lent."

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One night, a man walked into a bar and ordered ten shots of their finest single malt scotch. The bartender laid out the drinks before him and was about to walk away when he noticed the customer picking up the first shot and pouring its content on the floor.

The man did the same with the last shot on the row to the barman's horror. Curious, the bartender asked the customer the reason for his actions. In response, the man explained:

"Well, the first shot always tastes like crap, and the last one always makes me sick."

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