Daily Joke: A Man Decides to Leave Work Early and Go to a Bar

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 01, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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A man left work early and decided to go to the bar. He got home highly drunk and got hurt while going to bed. He decided to dress the wound. Read on to find out what his wife told him the following morning.


A man decided to leave work early and go for a couple of beers. He stayed in the bar until it closed at 2 a.m, extremely drunk. He got home and did not want to wake anyone up. 

So he took off his shoes and started tiptoeing up the stairs. When he was halfway up the stairs, he lost his balance and fell backward, landing flat on his rear end. 

Photo of a mature man sitting in a dark bar and holding a whiskey glass | Photo: Getty Images


It would not have been terrible, but he had a few empty bottles in his back pockets, and they broke, hurting his rear end terribly. Being so drunk, he did not notice he was drunk. 

Moments later, while undressing, he saw blood. The man looked at himself in the mirror, and he noticed he had a cut. He fixed the damage to the best of his ability and went to sleep. The following morning, his head was aching, and his rear was hurting badly.

Photo of a man in a restaurant. | Photo: Shutterstock


He laid under the covers thinking of the best story he could give to his wife when she came in. While he thought, she entered the bedroom and began asking questions.

She said, "well, you really tied one on last night," and asked further, where did you go?" He replied to her, saying he worked late and stopped for a couple of beers. His wife replied:

"A couple of beers? That's a laugh! You were plastered last night, and you know it! Where did you?"

Bartender pouring Belgian beer in glass in the cafe Brugs Beertje | Photo: Getty Images


Her husband replied, asking what made her so sure he was drunk. She answered that her clue was when she got home that morning and found many band-aids stuck to the mirror.

Here's another joke about a couple watching TV: A husband and wife sat on a couch watching the television. The wife looked at the husband and saw him staring at the ceiling above her head. She asked him what he was staring at. 

He said it was a spider. The woman told her husband she did not see anything, and he said it must have fallen on her head. She abruptly jumped up and screamed. Then her husband said, "while you are up, can you get me another beer?"

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