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Daily Joke: Three Young Ladies Were Interviewed for a Job

Laura Beatham
May 09, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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Three young ladies were interviewed for a job, and the interviewer asked them all the same questions, but he did not get the same answer.


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Suzanne, Jenny, and Lauren were all interviewing for the same job. The three women were excited while they waited their turn outside the manager's office for their interview.

Suzanna went first, and she felt she had done really well. She answered all the manager's questions well and gave very insightful and confident answers. He then asked her one last question.

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"How many D's are there in Indiana Jones?" Suzanne was a little confused by the question, but she answered very quickly and said "one." He then said he would let her know if her application was successful.

Then it was Jenny's turn. The interview went okay, Jenny answered many of the questions very well, but there were a few that she could have answered better.


The manager again asked her, "how many D's are there in Indiana Jones?" Jenny thought for a second, she was confused because she had never seen the movies, but she answered and said "one."

He told her she did great and that he would call her in a few days about whether she was successful with her job application. He then called in Lauren for her interview.


Lauren enjoyed the interview process and felt she gave fascinating answers that someone else would not have thought of. She could tell the manager was impressed with her.

He once again asked her, "before you leave, my last question is, how many D's are there in Indiana Jones?" Lauren was a little confused why he would ask such a question, but she did not answer straight away.


She thought for a while and even asked the manager if he had a calculator she could borrow. He was perplexed but handed her one. She crunched the numbers and came up with her answer, "32," she said.

The manager thanked her for her answer but asked her, "how did you come up with that number?" Lauren said started singing, "Da Da Dah Dahhh Dah Dah Da Da Dah Dahh Dah Dah... " (The theme song of the movies.)