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Daily Joke: A Business Owner Tried to Motivate His Employees

Laura Beatham
Apr 18, 2021
11:00 A.M.
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A business owner tried to motivate his employees by putting up motivational signs. However, it did not go as planned. 


A business owner came up with an idea to motivate his employees to boost production. He put up signs that read "Do It Now!" all around the office. 

He had them made in bright colors and put them in every department. An employee could not miss them as they were placed throughout the business. 

A chalk board reads, "Do It Now" | Photo: picpedia.org


A week later, one of the owner's friends stopped by to check out his office. He asked the owner whether any of the signs worked and helped boost production. 

The owner responded that they worked, however, not in the way he intended as he said, "My accountant took off with $100 000, my assistant asked out the secretary, and everyone keeps asking for raises."


Need another joke? There is a funny conversation between a boss and his employee. The conversation was about working overtime over the weekend. 

The boss asked his employee, "Hey, do you think you will be able to come in on the weekend to finish some projects that were not finished this week?"


The employee answered, "Yes, of course, but I might be late as public transport runs slow on the weekends and I have to take a bus and a train to get to work."

The boss responded, "I understand. What time do you think you will be in the office? I need to coordinate with the other staff members."

The employee shrugged his shoulders and answered, "Monday." Needless to say, the employee did not make it to work over the weekend. 

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Jokes were sourced from Jokes of the Day.