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CNN Anchor Rene Marsh Shared a Photo of Her Late Son Blake to Speak about Childhood Cancer

Stephen Thompson
May 04, 2021
06:50 P.M.
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Rene Marsh took her fans down memory lane when she took to social media with pictures of her late son. The heartbreaking post was accompanied by a caption revealing that she misses her son. 

Rene Marsh, CNN's government regulation and transportation correspondent, recently took to her Instagram page with throwback shots of her recently deceased son Blake. 

One of the pictures featured Marsh positioned behind Blake, who had a toy in his mouth, while another saw him feeding on a bottle filled partially with milk, with his large doe eyes focused on the camera. 

Rene Marsh during her TV broadcast on CNN. | Photo:


In her caption, the grieving mother confessed that she misses her son, and she added hashtags that revealed the shots were taken when he was six months old. She wrote:

"Memory lane. I miss you. #BlakeVincePayne #6monthsold #myhappyplace #myheart❤️."

Blake passed away on April 14 after getting diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2019. The following day she shared a lengthy heart-wrenching tribute dedicated to him.


In the tribute, Marsh revealed that the 25 months she spent with her boy were filled with lessons. Her experience with him taught her "endurance" and opened her eyes to her "strength." 

Determined that his death will not be in vain, Marsh has channeled those attributes into creating more awareness of pediatric brain cancer, a disease regarded as the top cause of death by disease in children after infancy. 

It seemed to go into remission for some months; however, it returned in full force.

A fan's comment on CNN's Rene Marsh's Instagram post | Photo:


Two days after Blake passed away, she clocked 39, but her birthday wish had nothing to do with herself; all she wished for was the permanent end of pediatric brain cancer.

To that end, Marsh took to her Instagram page two days ago to create awareness about the "#grayinmay" campaign, which she says is dedicated to telling people more about brain tumors. 


In her caption, the grieving mother stated that there has never been a drug "created and approved specifically for pediatric brain cancer." 

She added that she was supporting the movement in honor of her two-year-old son and added a link for anyone interested in donating to the pediatric brain tumor foundation in his honor. 

Marsh welcomed Blake with her husband, Kedric Payne, in March 2019. The months the couple got to spend with the little boy are some they will always remember.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, they did all they could. It seemed to go into remission for some months; however, it returned in full force again, and they were blindsided.