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KC Man Accused of Killing His 2 Teen Brothers after Ramadan Neutralized by Police

Stephen Thompson
May 08, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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A Kansas City man, Hanad Abdiaziz, was killed after a confrontation with authorities. Reports show that Abdiaziz was wanted for some killings prior to his encounter with the police.


Hanad Abdiaziz has been certified dead after he was shot by the police during a brief exchange. Some days before the shooting, Abdiaziz was said to have been a suspect in the killing of his teenage brothers.

The late boys, Abdulwahid and Abdirahman, were said to be returning from a Ramadan service when Abdiaziz accosted them on the road and shot the duo. The teenagers were confirmed dead at the crime scene. 

Photo of a "crime scene do not cross" tape. | Photo: Pexels


GoFundMe account set up for the boys stated that they were easygoing teenagers. The funds raised through the account were used for funeral arrangements and other bills.

The boys were described as religious as they planned to become leaders at their mosque. The pair were also said to have avid interests in basketball. So far, the fund goal set at $50,000 has summed up to over $60,000. 


The description attached to the account relayed that the boys were orphans, and their family planned to relocate to a new place where they would be safer and be able to grieve without fear.

Police made findings and concluded that the killing of the young boys was a domestic issue.


Abdiaziz's death came a few days later when he was spotted in public. While officers tried disarming him by shouting instructions, the suspect drew a short-barrelled rifle, and one of the officers shot at him.

The police quickly applied lifesaving measures, but he could not be saved. Abdiaziz was declared dead at the hospital. Before the police apprehended him, family members spoke about the situation.


One of the family members opted to remain anonymous, as they mentioned that Abdiaziz was a menace that needed to be curbed. The individual added that the 25-year-old threatened other relatives, leading them to go into hiding.

The person added that other relatives were scared for their lives while Abdiaziz was on the run because they feared he might carry out more attacks and harm other people. 

Police made findings and concluded that the killing of the young boys was a domestic issue that connected the three brothers. Further reports show that investigations are still ongoing.

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