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Minnesota Bank Robbery Ends Well after Hostages Were Released, and Suspect Was Detained

Afouda Bamidele
May 07, 2021
01:20 P.M.
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A Minnesota bank robbery incident has been recorded as successful for authorities who were able to apprehend the perpetrator while the hostages went scot-free and unharmed.


Authorities in St. Cloud, Minnesota, were able to foil a robbery attempt made at a Wells Fargo Bank branch. Updates shared on Twitter showed that the suspect had contact with the police in the past.

The St. Cloud Police Department Chief, Blair Anderson, made it known that the suspect had a history of violent crimes. He relayed that some hostages had made a run for it as they tried escaping.

Police cars are seen responding to a scene on May 3, 2021 | Photo: Getty Images


And at that moment, quick-thinking officers moved in and apprehended the suspect. It all started with a 911 call from the bank manager, who relayed that a customer was upset about previous transactions.

The manager had informed authorities that he was concerned for the safety of his other customers and staff members while the man kept expressing his displeasure. 


After a short while, the bank sirens went off, indicating and alerting the police that a robbery was on. Witnesses relayed that the suspect drew a weapon and asked the bank employees to take him to the vault.

In 2016, a bank robbery issue in Canada was connected to Joey Cramer, a former Disney star.


Chief Anderson recounted that the suspect, identified as Ray Reco McNeary, ultimately held five bank staff members as hostages while the police communicated with him through it all. The suspect stood his ground with the five hostages.

It was reported that the police kept in contact with him via handwritten notes that were pasted on the see-through bank doors. McNeary was also said to have gone live on Facebook at a point. 


The police chief relayed that around 6 pm, the suspect released the first hostage, filmed moving out of the building, and taken to safety by the police. Thirty minutes later, the second hostage, a woman, was released.

At around 10:30 pm., the last hostage made a run for it as they ran to the door, and at this moment, the police took charge. So far, the suspect is in police custody and has been levied bank robbery and kidnapping charges.


In 2016, a bank robbery issue in Canada was connected to Joey Cramer, a former Disney star. He was arrested for a robbery case in ScotiaBank in British Columbia. 

According to reports, Cramer was in disguise during the robbery. He sported a shoulder-length wig, bandana, and dark jacket. However, some RCMP officers recognized him. 

Cramer, a former child star on “Flight of the Navigator,” also appeared in “Murder She Wrote” before leaving Hollywood. He was later arrested for robbery and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, among other charges.

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