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Times Square Shooting – 3 People Including 4-Year-Old Wounded, Suspect Identified by Police

Jené Liebenberg
May 10, 2021
05:40 A.M.
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The shooting took place near West 44th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. NYPD has footage of the suspect and is requesting that if anyone has information about him, they should come forward. 


On May 8, 2021, just before 5:00 p.m., a shooting in Times Square left three bystanders dead. Four other victims were wounded when the gunshots went off, including a toddler.

The authorities reported that a 23-year-old woman from Rhode Island sustained a gunshot wound to her leg, a 43-year-old woman was shot in the foot, and a 4-year-old girl was also shot in the leg. 

Blue police sirens on top of a vehicle. | Source: Pixabay/ diegoparra



Police officers were close to the shooting location and were able to get to the scene quickly. The authorities have images of the suspect and are now asking for the public's assistance in tracking him down. NYPD tweeted

"@NYPDDetectivesneed anyone with information about the identity or whereabouts of this individual to contact@NYPDTip."

Farrakhan Muhammad has been identified as the person of interest in the shooting. He is reported to have been arguing with a group of men when he pulled out his weapon and started firing. 



All of the wounded bystanders are in stable condition. They were transported to a local hospital to receive medical attention. 43-year-old Wendy Magrinat was one of the people shot in the incident. 

Yang's solution was to push more money into policing allowing for more officers on the streets to offer increased protection.

She was walking in Times Square with her husband and 2-year-old daughter when the shooting took place. She was hit, leaving her with a bullet in her foot forever. Doctors say that it will cause more damage to extract the bullet. 



NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea held a press conference as law enforcement dealt with the aftermath of the shooting. He confirmed that the three bystanders were unintended victims. 

Shea expressed his desperation concerning the increase of shootings in New York City, referencing the killing of a 1-year-old child that occurred earlier in the week. Mayor Bill de Blasio also released a statement on Twitter which reads

“The perpetrators of this senseless violence are being tracked down and the NYPD will bring them to justice. The flood of illegal guns into our city must stop.”



While the shooting incidents reached an all-time high in New York City over the last year, the new mayoral candidates for the city are calling for the end of police funding cuts. 

Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang cited the defunding of NYPD as one of the problems causing the increase in tragic shootings across the city. Yang argues that an increase in NYPD protection will increase New York City's safety. 

The defunding of NYPD involves the City Council and Mayor Bill de Blasio agreeing to move $1 billion of the law enforcement's budget to youth and social services. 

Yang's solution was to push more money into policing, allowing for more officers on the streets to offer increased protection to the most vulnerable parties across the city. 

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