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Daily Joke: Three Well-Dressed Gentlemen Came to Book a Room in a Hotel for a Night

Joe Akins
May 12, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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After embarking on a journey together and arriving late, three men, English, Scottish and Irish were left with terrible choices for spending the night at a hotel.


Three men, Irish, Scottish, and English, set out on a journey together. Arriving quite late, they searched for a hotel to spend the night. Finally finding one, the trio discovered all the rooms were nearly booked.

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Apologizing about the situation, the receptionist offered the last three available bed spaces noting that they were very uncomfortable. The available spaces included a bed of nails, a bed of ants, and a bed of knives.

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The Englishman thought the bed of nails was not the worst option and went for it. Next up was the Scotsman who preferred the bed of knives. Lastly, the Irishman was left with a bed of ants.

The following morning, the trio exited their rooms and assembled in the lobby. On getting there, the receptionist questioned how they spent their night. Giving an update of the previous night, the Englishman revealed it was not terrible despite being a little pricky.


The Scotsman followed, explaining how he sustained cuts on his back but managed to get some nap. Quite different from the duo, the Irishman, excited, revealed how fantastic his night was.

He told them how he slept like a baby. In disbelief, the Englishman and Scotsman were curious to know how that was possible. The Irishman replied that he killed an ant and the remaining went for its burial.



A Jewish man frequently went to pray at the Wailing Wall. Hearing about it, a female journalist decided to take a visit to the place. On arrival, she met the Jewish man at his usual spot.


After observing him while he prayed for forty-five minutes, the journalist approached the man who was about to leave. Inquisitive, she asked him how long he had been praying at the wall.

Replying to her, the man said sixty years. Flabbergasted, the journalist noted how amazing it was and further inquired what the prayers were for. He told her they were for peace.

The Jewish man added that he prays that children grow up in a friendly and secure country. When asked how he felt about praying for sixty years, the man said it was like talking to a wall.

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