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Daily Joke: Man Was Afraid Something Is Hiding under His Bed

Junie Sihlangu
May 12, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Some people have a fear of spiders while others are scared of dogs, but this particular person had a different fear that started when she was a child. He finally resolved it for good – read on to know-how!


Tash Madlozi had always been terrified that something was under his bed, even when he was a child. He finally decided to try and do something about the fear by visiting a psychiatrist.

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Madlozi thought taking this step would finally lead him to put the irrational fear at rest. He confessed to Dr. Bev Daniels that he’d always been afraid that something absolutely awful lived under his bed.

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Being an adult didn’t mean the fear left him, which meant he couldn’t sleep properly. The fear gave him constant anxiety when he lay or even sat on his bed and knew he couldn’t go on like this.

Daniels gave him hope when she informed him that she could cure his problem for good. However, Madlozi would need to make three weekly appointments for one full year before she could completely cure his fear.

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Feeling unsure, the man asked the psychiatrist how much each session would cost for this miracle cure. She told him it would be $75 for each session, and he promised to get back to her about it.

However, he never did, and a few months later, Madlozi bumped into Daniels at a farmer’s market. Naturally, the doctor recognized her former client and struck up a conversation to find out about his well-being.

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She wanted to know how he was coping with his childhood fear since their last meeting. Madlozi beamed and proudly told his former psychiatrist that his neighbor had somehow managed to cure him completely.

He now had no issues sitting or sleeping on his bed to get a good night’s rest. The former client was now able to even take naps during the day without ever having to fear the horrible thing under his bed.

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He even went ahead and confessed that he never went back to seek Daniels’ assistance because he’d calculated the cost for the consultations. Madlozi noted that he would’ve had to pay more than $11,000 for the year.

He then weighed his options and rather settled to buy himself a truck for his new vegetable business. Daniels couldn’t help but seem a bit annoyed with Madlozi’s answer and chose to pry further.

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She shared how happy she was that the former client had been able to find a working cure for his mental health. However, she couldn’t help but want to know how the neighbor had managed to cure him so easily.

Smiling broadly, Madlozi told her that he didn’t want everyone knowing his secret and asked Daniels to come closer so he could whisper to her. He told her his neighbor told him to cut off the bed’s legs.