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Seven Children, a Teacher, and a Woman Worker Killed during a School Shooting in Russia

Afouda Bamidele
May 11, 2021
12:10 P.M.
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A school in Russia recorded casualties after a gunman invaded its premises and opened fire on students and teachers alike. Seven people were confirmed dead.


Authorities in the Tatarstan Republic of Russia were altered to the sporadic shooting that occurred in a school after a gunman entered the premises and caused a commotion.

The clips posted by media outlets showed the students chaotically running as they tried to get to safety. There was footage that showed shards of broken glasses in the school and smoke billowing from classrooms.

A view of a school in the central Russian city of Kazan on May 11, 2021 | Photo: Getty Images


Nine people lost their lives, including seven eighth-grade students, a teacher, and another school worker. Twenty-one other people were taken to the hospital, and it was reported that there were 18 kids, with a few of them in grave conditions.

Following the upheaval, students were evacuated from the school and taken to a daycare facility nearby where parents collected their kids. The Russian authorities have since put in place security in other schools in Kazan.


President Vladimir Putin responded to the attack and shared condolences to the family members of the victims.

According to Rustam Minnihakov, the governor of Tatarstan Republic, the attacker has since been apprehended, and the attacker is a 19-year-old. Reports also show that further investigations are being carried out to apprehend the accomplices.


It has been revealed that school attacks are not common in Russia, but the ones recorded in the past have been carried out by fellow students. The attacker was said to be a former student of the school who called himself a “god” on Telegram.

Although those in charge of the app have since blocked the assailant’s account, it was recorded that he allegedly posted a message stating that he would kill a mass of people. This was posted hours before he carried out the attack.

President Vladimir Putin responded to the attack and shared condolences to the family members of the victims. He also put out words praying for the recovery of those wounded. The president also gave some amounts of money to the families.

So far, Putin

has called

for the gun review by instructing the Chief of Russia’s National Guard to make it a matter of national urgency in the regulations of the type of weapons in civilians’ custody.


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