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Daily Joke: A Man Is Afraid His Wife Is Going Deaf

Jené Liebenberg
May 17, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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During his annual checkup at the doctor, John decides to get Dr. Smith's advice about his wife's deafness. The doctor gives him excellent advice; read further to see the outcome. 


John was visiting his family doctor, Dr. Smith, for his yearly medical examination and thought he would use the opportunity to get a medical professional's insight into his wife, Suzzy's loss of hearing. 

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The worried husband had seen that every time he spoke to Suzzy, and she had her back turned to him, she didn't reply. John assumed she remained silent not because she was rude but because she was deaf. 

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John turned to Dr. Smith about approaching the difficult subject with Suzzy because he didn't want to offend her by saying that she was deaf. The doctor gave him a good piece of advice, saying: 

"Stand behind Suzzy and ask her a question. Start far away and then move closer repeating the question until she turns around and responds which will show you how deaf she is." 

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John left his medical examination satisfied with the good advice that Dr. Smith had given him and decided that he would try it out as soon as the opportunity presented itself. 

John asked her what was for dinner one last time, which resulted in her spinning around and placing her hands on her hips. 

Upon returning home, John opened the door and greeted his wife but didn't hear any response, confirming that this hearing experiment was essential. 

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While Suzy had her back turned to John standing by the stove busy with dinner, John thought it was the perfect time to test his hypothesis that his wife was hard of hearing. 

John stood on the other side of the room and loudly asked his wife what they were eating for dinner. After not receiving a reply, John moved closer, repeating the question until he stood behind Suzzy in the kitchen. 

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Very worried about the level of Suzzy's deafness, John asked her what was for dinner one last time, which resulted in her spinning around and placing her hands on her hips. 

With a confused and irritated expression on her face, Suzzy let out an exasperated sigh. John's wife responded with an unexpected answer.

"John, I have told you eleven times already! We are having lasagne tonight, are you trying to test my patience or did you simply not hear me?"