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Daily Joke: Scientist, Mathematician, and Engineer Were Sentenced to Death on a Small Island

Gaone Pule
May 19, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Three childhood friends Brady, Tom, and Nick, have not seen each other in a very long time because of their busy careers, which led them to decide to go on a trip together.


Nick, 46, is a mathematician, Tom, 52, an engineer whose oldest pal Brady, 59, is a scientist. They all live in different states and also juggle their work lives and their families.

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One day, they made a conference call trying to set up their trip while hoping that none of them will make excuses not to go. They have been planning to go on vacation together, but life always got in the way.

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While on the phone call, they debated choosing a location for their trip, just like they used to disagree on certain subjects when they were younger.

It always ends up on who is older and why the younger one does not have a say. The pals carry themselves much like siblings, and it has always been that way even after having families of their own.

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Nick suggested they go somewhere in the countryside for a change because people usually go to exotic islands. Brady said, “Seeing that you ruled out an island as an option,” we’re going there.

Tom added, with a happy tone of voice, “Oh Nicky, you shot yourself in the foot with that one, an island it is! We're going on a trip, boys!"

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Nicky sighed with frustration and said, “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you guys, and somehow, I still love you two." Brady chimed in and said, well, we raised you, so you ought to put up with us."

“Yep! Tom exclaimed. The trio then hopped on a plane the following week to their destination, and when they got there, they were mesmerized by the beauty of the island and started expressing their excitement like they were still in their early twenties.

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The next minute they were in a police vehicle and were even sentenced to life for a crime they could not comprehend. While in a jail cell, Nick said, “Can someone explain to me how am I stuck in here with these two old men in here?” he yelled out.

Brady said, “Oh please, don't be such a baby, Nicky. You know we’re your guardians.” As they continued groaning, wardens removed them from their cell to an electric chair room.

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As a scientist, Brady said the chair would not cause him any harm because of his profession, and he was right when he sat on the chair; it did not electrocute him. Then when the Mathematician came up, who was busy counting nervously from a 1000 backward, nothing happened to him as well.

When the engineer, Tom, got ready, he said, “You know boys, this is my specialty. I bet this machine that I created knows its maker. However, when he sat down, it electrocuted him. Brady said in a calm tone, "Well, this is embarrassing."

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