Daily Joke: Little Johnny Tells the Class Who His Father Is

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 26, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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A teacher came up with a special quiz for her students to help them with their spelling and get to know each other. Little Johnny's answer left everyone in stitches.


One day, Little Johnny was in class, and the teacher notified the students that he had a plan that would make them bond better, get to know each other and help with their spelling.

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She asked the students to stand up and tell the class their fathers' occupation, spell it, and say one thing he would give everyone if he were in the class with them.

Teacher interacting with students in a classroom | Photo: Pexels


Each student was excited to talk about their dad, and as soon as the teacher made her statement, hands began to go up, and she pointed at a girl to give her response.

The girl, Marcy, replied, "My father is a banker. B-A-N-K-E-R, and if he were here today, he would give us all a shiny new penny."

Young school girl smiling while holding a tablet | Photo: Pexels


The teacher smiled at the well-presented answer and asked the students to clap for Marcy. She asked the class who would love to go next.

Jeff was the next student to try himself at the little class game, and he said, "My father is an accountant. A-K, no wait, A-C-K, no..."

Photo of a young boy in a classroom | Photo: Pexels


While he continued struggling to spell it, the teacher cut him off and asked him to take a minute to think about his response before standing up with his answer.

Little Johnny felt the time was right to give his answer, and with excitement, he raised his hand, hoping to be acknowledged by the teacher. The teacher asked little Johnny to go next.

Photo of a young school boy smiling | Photo: Pexels

Little Johnny said, "My father is a bookie. B-O-O-K-I-E, and if he were here today, he would give us all 20:1 odds Jeff will never be able to spell 'accountant.'"

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