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AP Published Footage from Two Years Ago of the Inhumane Detention of a Man Who Later Died

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 20, 2021
06:30 P.M.
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The Associated Press has published the footage of an African American man being arrested inhumanely by police officers two years after authorities withheld it.


The world has finally gotten to see the inhumane treatment a black man was subjected to by Louisiana police officers two years after it was withheld from the public by authorities.

The last few years have seen an increase in police violence, especially towards people of color, and some of these situations led to the untimely death of individuals like George Floyd.

A police car with sirens on. | Source: Pexels


The Associated Press has released camera footage of Louisiana state troopers punching and dragging a black man who was seen apologizing for taking them on a speed chase.

Ronald Greene, visibly frightened, could be heard saying he was scared as he unsuccessfully pleaded for better treatment. The footage was the last time he was seen alive.


The incident has been the subject of a federal civil rights investigation, but unlike other similar cases involving police officers and unarmed civilians, Greene's case has been shrouded in secrecy.

Despite public outcry and persuasions, authorities constantly rebuffed every attempt to get details of how the 49-year-old died. Initially, a statement released said that Greene died after crashing into a tree. Afterward, it was claimed he died on his way to the hospital after clashing with officers.

Greene was wrong for refusing orders.

A police officer looking at the cars. | Photo: Pexels


The recently released clips have finally given everyone a clue of what happened that night. In the over forty minutes video, one trooper put Greene to the ground, while another called him names.

The troopers continued their assault with his legs shackled and his hands cuffed. One of the troopers could be heard saying he hoped Greene did not have AIDS as they washed blood stains from their hands.

After a while, Greene was seen unresponsive while bleeding from his head down. The officers carried him in an ambulance gurney with his arm cuffed to the bedrail.


About six troopers were on the scene, but not all had their cameras on, and it is believed they deliberately cut their microphones off, making it difficult to pick their conversation and get a better grip of the scene.

Greene's mother believes her son was deliberately killed as they did not want him to live to tell of his ordeal. It took more than 400 days for an official investigation to be opened on the case.

Andrew Scott, a former Boca Raton, Florida, police chief, admitted that Greene was wrong for refusing orders but dragging a handcuffed man around was malicious and sadistic.

A medical report from an emergency room doctor revealed that Greene arrived dead at the hospital, bloodied and bruised with two stun-gun prongs in his back. His cause of death remains unclear.