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Common Daily Mistakes While Using a Refrigerator

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 24, 2021
01:50 A.M.
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Most people do not realize that the refrigerator demands a great deal of attention and care, which causes them to make some mistakes in their daily use. Here are some of the common mistakes.


There is hardly any appliance in a house that is considered a lifesaver more than the refrigerator. Although it does not play any role in keeping one entertained, it sure goes a long way to decide how healthy a person would be.

Too often, most families do not pay the refrigerator as much respect as it deserves, nor do they treat it in an honorable way like they would treat their car or television. Here are some mistakes people make while using a refrigerator.

Inside of a refrigerator. | Photo: pxhere.com



It sounds simple, but it is quite a big deal and can short-live your experience in using your refrigerator. Before complaining that your fridge has become too tight, you might need to look closer and get rid of long-overdue items taking up space.

Take inventory of what you already have in your refrigerator before you go grocery shopping. Pesto and other pasta sauces that haven't been used should be thrown away. Throw out something that is limp or has mold growing on it.

Before going on a shopping spree, observe what you have and try not overfilling your fridge. Get only the things that can fit into your fridge and avoid food wastage that way.


Photo of someone closing a fridge | Photo: Pexels


Perhaps the biggest injustice the fridge suffers is that not so many people know how to use its shelves. For some people, just anything goes as long as it can fit into any available space.


Knowing how to organize your grocery in your fridge can prevent food wastage and help your food last longer. For instance, on your top shelf, keep food that does not need cooking, like pre-cooked meats and leftovers.

The warmest part of the fridge is the inner door. Foods with natural preservatives, such as condiments, fruit juices, and jams, should be stored there while raw meat and fish can be kept on the lower shelf.

A picture of the inside of a fridge. | Photo: Pixabay



Virtually everything in life needs to be cleaned, how much more the refrigerator. Most people fail to realize that organisms can grow in the fridge and put their lives at risk. Food can easily be contaminated when the refrigerator is not cleaned.

Cleaning often would prevent your fridge from having funny smells, and also, keep in mind that this is where you store your food! Roll up your sleeves, remove all of the food from your freezer, and do a deep clean once a season.

Photo of an opened fridge. | Photo: Pexel



Most people set the temperature in their fridge too high or too low, which is not an excellent way to use it. The temperature in the refrigerator is between 35 and 38 degrees.

 Food will freeze if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit; if the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the food is in the danger zone.

A fridge with a transparent door. | Photo: Pexel


Certain things belong to the pantry, while others should be kept in the fridge. For instance, nuts, seeds, and flours contain oil, which means they can go rancid if they are kept at room temperature. The fridge is the best place for them.