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Spencer and Stephanie Pratt Have Been Fighting for Decades — Inside Their Family Drama

Edduin Carvajal
May 26, 2021
06:05 A.M.
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Spencer and Stephanie Pratt might be siblings, but their relationship is far from tender. They unsuccessfully tried to end their feud years ago but are not on speaking terms nowadays.


Their broken relationship became evident when Stephanie joined her brother, Spencer Pratt, on “The Hills” in November 2007 in the middle of season three. 

Spencer, three years older, regularly got into fights with Stephanie over her friendship with his rival Lauren Conrad, her sensitivity, and everything in between.

Spencer Pratt on February 19, 2010 in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images



When he married Heidi Montag in November 2008, their relationship worsened as Stephanie claimed the newlyweds didn’t want her to be involved in their lives.

In April 2017, news about Heidi’s pregnancy was all over the internet, and Stephanie revealed she didn’t know anything about it. She added she was happy for her brother and sister-in-law, but they “tend to do things their own way.”


Four months later, Stephanie made headlines again after posting an Instagram quote about how “poisonous people” were often disguised “as family.” She then took things to Twitter. 

Apart from asking people to adopt her and that she needed a new family, Stephanie claimed she was tired of protecting "people over evil things." She also blamed her parents for “living in denial.”



A couple of months after Spencer and Heidi’s son, Gunner, was born, Stephanie shared pics of her holding her nephew, and it seemed like the siblings were ready to put their years-long feud behind

Stephanie pointed out that she was proud to see Spencer as the father everyone knew he’d be. She added that their fights were because he tried to protect and take responsibility for things he didn’t need to and even wrote she loved him, Heidi, and Gunner!


Unfortunately, Stephanie Pratt and her brother attracted a lot of attention again in April 2019 when she said they were not on speaking terms and didn’t even consider him and Heidi her family

Stephanie explained that, while shooting “The Hills: New Beginnings,” Heidi gave everyone champagne, but she didn’t get a glass. She then described them as the most “toxic” people she’d ever met, comparing them to “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Spencer Pratt’s sister admitted Heidi was the source of all their problems. She added that if it weren’t for her, Spencer would have an “epic” relationship with her and her parents.”

Spencer explained his wife was not pregnant, “just being body shamed.”



Shortly after Stephanie’s comments, Heidi said the whole situation was “challenging and heartbreaking.” Without naming Stephanie, Heidi added her “blow-the-belt” comments weren’t true.

Spencer’s wife reportedly contacted Stephanie and tried to work things through, but she didn’t text her back and was “subtweeting” her. Eventually, Heidi realized Stephanie didn’t want to make amends, so she began defending herself.


Heidi pointed out that Stephanie needed to have boundaries, adding that “there’s no way” she won’t stand up for herself and her family.

Spencer then described his relationship with his sister as living with “evil” around him. Stephanie said he was married to the devil, making clear that their fight was far from over. 



In April 2021, Spencer Pratt’s sister stirred the pot again after sharing a photo of Heidi wearing a bikini at the beach and announcing that she was pregnant.

Apart from writing “cute bump,” Stephanie wished Heidi had a girl. She then uploaded another image of Spencer at the beach and added fuel to the pregnancy speculation by wondering what the couple would have.

Shortly after, Spencer explained his wife was not pregnant, “just being body shamed.” Netizens didn’t like Stephanie’s comments as it could be “devastating” to people with eating disorders. 

At the moment, Stephanie Pratt and her brother are still on not speaking terms, and their feud seems far from over. She’s currently living in London, “where evil siblings don’t exist.”

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