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Body of Missing 39-Year-Old Man Found inside a Spanish Dinosaur Statue in a Barcelona Suburb

Gracious Egedegbe
May 27, 2021
12:20 A.M.
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Hours after a Spanish man was reported missing by his family, his body was found by a father and son inside the hollow leg of a papier-mache dinosaur in Santa Coloma de Gramenet in Barcelona.


Residents and the authorities in Catalonia, Spain, were recently surprised by a shocking discovery of the dead body of a missing man in the most unusual place. 

The police have embarked on a thorough investigation of the death of the 39-year-old man whose body was found trapped inside a giant dinosaur statue in a satellite town of Barcelona known as Santa Coloma de Gramenet. 

Missing Rubber Stamp Vector | Photo: Getty Images


Although the details are unconfirmed, it is thought that the man fell inside the statue while trying to retrieve his mobile phone, which must have fallen while he was standing beside the dinosaur.

The discovery was made one afternoon on Saturday, May 22. A father and son were reportedly walking in the area when they first noticed an unpleasant smell emanating from the papier-mache stegosaurus. 

Photo of two police officers walking down the road | Photo: Pexels


Upon further probing and peeking through a crack in the stegosaurus' hollow leg, they spotted something unusual in it — a dead human body.

It has since been removed from that position and taken away after discovering the missing man's body.


The man and his son quickly alerted the authorities. Upon investigation and probing, they found the man's body lodged inside the leg of the papier-mache statue.

The officers investigating the discovery said they are not treating the case as a suspicious one as the cause for the man's death appears to be an unfortunate mistake. It also reportedly appeared that he entered the statue headfirst and was unable to get out.


The statue was cut open to allow the authorities to remove the body from the leg. The body was also sent for an autopsy to better look at the case and the cause of death. 

The man in the statue was reported missing by his family a few hours before his body was found by the unknowing father and son. The autopsy results have not been released yet, but authorities maintain no foul play involved.

The papier-mache stegosaurus was placed outside the city's Cubic Building, where it was used to advertise an old movie theater. It has since been removed from that position and taken away after discovering the missing man's body.