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Daily Joke: One Man Finds a Lamp with a Genie Inside

Joe Akins
May 31, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A man stumbled upon a magical lamp with a genie inside. He was shocked when he found out that his wish was impossible, even for a genie.


One day, a man was walking along the beach in California when a small old lamp glinting dully in the sand caught his attention.

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Out of curiosity, the man picked up the lamp and rubbed it gently. He was startled when a genie popped right out of it.

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The genie was not at all excited to be released from his lamp and told the man that this was his fourth lamp release that month alone.

Annoyed at his circumstances, the genie told his new master not to even think about getting three wishes. He was only going to get one!

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The man plopped defeatedly into the sand and thought long and hard. He had to make this one wish count, and it had to be good. After giving it a thought for a while, the man looked up at the unamused genie and said his wish.

He told the magical wish-granting magical creature that he had always wanted to go to Hawaii but had a severe phobia of flying. He also got seasick very easily.

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His one wish for the genie to grant was to have a bridge built from California to Hawaii so he could drive over there instead of having to fly or sail.

The genie laughed loudly before he told the man that it was impossible to grant such a wish. He told him to consider the logistics as well as the unfathomable resources it would take to build a structure so great.

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He advised him to think of another wish. The man let out a sigh of exasperation and retreated into his thoughts again.

When he finally got it, he began. The man told the genie that he had been married and divorced four times and all four of his wives accused him of being insensitive.

A real metal genie lamp. | Photo: Pixabay

He continued: "So, I wish that I could understand women....know how they feel inside and what they're thinking when they give me the silent treatment."

The genie stared at the man in disbelief and said: "Do you want that bridge to have two lanes or four?"

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