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Daily Joke: Man Succeeds in Door-to-Door Sales

Gaone Pule
Jun 01, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Peter is a 25-year-old salesman and recently lost his second job. However, he luckily came across a job post and decided to apply for it hoping to be called for an interview.


He lives in his bachelor pad and wants to avoid being behind with payments for the next month and other months to come. On a Friday, he received a call from a door-to-door sales company and was asked to go for an interview.

Peter was thrilled that he at least received a call inviting him for an interview. However, reality kicked in for a minute as he knew he had to make it through to the interview.

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When the day for the interview came, he was super nervous because he wanted to impress his future employer. So, when he arrived at the company, he asked to go to the restroom.

When he then stood in front of the mirror and talked internally to himself, “Okay, this is your day, go get them. Remember, this is to prevent the eviction notice from being dropped on the front door."

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Peter then went into the interview room and gave his best impression. Afterward, the woman told him to wait at the reception, and he went there and sat down worried.

He wondered if he had made it. The woman who interviewed him went into her boss's office and told him that Peter has potential even though he did not do well in the interview.

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The boss decided to give him a chance, and the lady went to tell him the good news. Peter was so glad that he was singing while jumping with joy when he left the business.

He kept doing it even on the busy streets. When he arrived home, he was exhausted because of all the dancing and fell asleep on the couch.

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He started to go to work on a Monday and was excited to finally do what he does best, giving customers a fantastic happy service while being his best self.

Seeing that his boss took a chance on him, he surprisingly did very well on his first week, and his senior was shocked at how fast he was selling their products.

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His boss called a meeting and asked Peter to show everyone how he managed to sell so many products in such a short space of time.

He replied, "Well, I I I don't want t t t to brrrag or anything, but because I stu ttter a lot, they feel it's too much trrrouble for meee to have to explain. In short, they don't waittt for me tt tto tell them what I'm selling. It will be harrrdd for you guys because you don't stu-ttter."

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