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Husband Secretly Brings His Wife Breakfast in Bed, but She Is Not Alone There – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 05, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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When Charlie had to go on a business trip, his wife went back to her parents’ home, where her ex-boyfriend lived down the street. Charlie wanted to surprise his wife and come back earlier, but a real surprise awaited him.


After two years of courtship and two more years of marriage, Charlie and Milena had the strongest confidence in their relationship. Jealousy barely existed between the two as they were so sure that no one would cheat on the other. However, there was an exception -- Milena’s ex-boyfriend Chris.

The ex-lovers were childhood friends who dated a few years before Milena and Charlie met. Although Chris was the one who cut ties with her, Milena moved on first. Soon after, Chris began flooding her with messages, apologizing for his “biggest mistake” and begging for another chance.

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Charlie was very annoyed and jealous of Chris, knowing that he once had something special with Milena. Although the partially obsessed man tapered down on bugging Milena after getting married, he would still sometimes reach out and try to make conversation through chat.

On the other hand, Milena always reassures her husband that there is no other man in the world for her but Charlie. However, she refuses to file a restraining order against Chris because she did not want any commotion. Furthermore, Chris lived with his parents on the same street as Milena’s parents, which may cause gossip.

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One day, Charlie had to go on a business trip to another state. This was terrible news for Milena, who never spent a night on her own. She did not like being the only person at home, and after two nights, she gave up and informed Charlie that she was going to live with her parents. 

“I’m too scared to be alone,” she wrote. “Will stay with mom and dad till you're back!” Knowing that her crazy ex-boyfriend lived a few houses away, Charlie knew that there was a good chance that the two would cross paths. He trusted Milena, but he did not trust Chris. 

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Given the situation, Charlie asked his boss if he could go home two days earlier to take care of his wife, to which they agreed. Charlie arrived at the city in the early morning and decided to surprise his wife in her parents’ house. Along the way, Charlie bought coffee and croissants for Milena’s breakfast in bed.

When he got there, Charlie used the spare key his father-in-law gave him for emergency purposes and quietly went up to Milena’s room. But as soon as he opened the door, Charlie dropped the coffee at the sight of a large body beneath the blankets, beside his sleeping wife.

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He knew it was Chris, but he couldn’t understand why his wife had betrayed him. Milena woke up when the coffee spilled and did not understand what was happening. “I’ll kill him!” Charlie shouted as he approached the bed. As soon as Charlie hit the body, his hand sunk into the sheets.

He removed the blanket, and to his surprise, a giant teddy bear stared right at him. It was only at that point that Milena understood what had happened. The husband and wife looked at each other and began laughing hysterically. Milena’s parents also entered the room after hearing the commotion and saw the couple laughing in bed.

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“I told you I was afraid to sleep alone,” Milena said. “This is Mr. Harris.” Milena’s father soon caught up with what happened and added, “She has been sleeping with him since fourth grade and whenever she comes over.” Charlie and Milena kept laughing at the situation up until removing the coffee stain from the carpet.

What can we learn from Charlie and Milena’s story?

1. Jealousy can sometimes get the best of you.

2. There is always a funny side to everything.

3. Trusting a significant other can be difficult at times.


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