Teenager Shares 10 Demands and Threats from Her Boyfriend's Mother

Laura Beatham
Jun 06, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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A teenager on TikTok shared a list of 10 demands and threats her boyfriend's mother posted on her Instagram account.


In a now private video, an 18-year-old girl named Emma whose TikTok user named is @hotgirlsareswifties, shared a list of demands her boyfriend's mother shared on Instagram. 

The list contains 10 items, each being either an outrageous demand or an ominous line that reads as a severe threat. For example, one read that the mother knows how to avoid imprisonment.

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The first rule on the list stated that her son's girlfriend could not treat him as an ATM. The second stated that if the girlfriend were to dress in a scandalous or revealing manner, the mother would make her "go away."

In fact, most of the rules end with the threat that the mother would make the rule-making girlfriend go away. This threat is reinforced by the second to the last item on the list that read:

"I know how to avoid jail. "

A screenshot of @hotgirlsareswifties's video on TikTok. | Photo: Tiktok/hotgirlsareswifties


The mother wants his son's girlfriend to know that if she finds flirty text messages or messages of a sexual nature, she will make the girl go away. The rules are very invasive of her own son's love life. 

The mom also said she will make the girl go away if she does not like her. Another rule stated that if the couple is not married, the girlfriend does not have an opinion on her boyfriend being a mommy's boy.

This story is similar to a list of rules a man found in the used car he bought.

The list of rules from the viral TikTok video. | Photo:Tiktok/hotgirlsareswifties


The only acceptable rule is number seven which reads that the girlfriend should take her son as he is and not try to change him as she is not in charge of him. Clearly, because these rules show the mother is in charge of her son!

Another rule reads that the girlfriend should act like a lady as the mother taught her son to be a gentleman, and he deserves a lady. The last item states that if the girlfriend fakes her way into marriage, the situation will be worse for her because:

" I will be something much worse than your boyfriend's mom. I'll be your mother-in-law."


The video of Emma sharing the rules went viral and gained over 130,000 likes and many comments from users of the app. Many cautioned her and told her to get out of the relationship. 

This story is similar to a list of rules a man found in the used car he bought. The list contained rules made by a girlfriend for her boyfriend. The main theme of the list was that the girlfriend did not want her boyfriend to have contact with other girls. 


Many users online responded to that viral post too. Some thought the boyfriend should leave the girlfriend immediately as the relationship seemed toxic, while others reasoned that he had been unfaithful. 

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