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Girl, 3, Asks for Lion King-Inspired Birthday Cake with a Dead Mufasa & Twitter Loses It

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 06, 2021
06:10 P.M.
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A three-year-old girl generated a lot of reactions from Twitter users with her hilarious birthday cake, which was a Lion King-inspired cake with a dead Mufasa.


Kids are known to make a sweet request for their birthdays, but a certain three-year-old had other concepts about how she wanted her birthday cake to look.

Leona Feigh has become a trend on Twitter after her special request for her birthday cake went viral and sparked a series of reactions from Twitter users after her comedian uncle Casey Feigh shared the post.

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Leona specifically requested for a Lion King-inspired cake but made sure to add some detail to it. She asked for a dead Mufasa to be placed on the cake to discourage others from eating it.

The well-decorated hilarious cake features a bereft-looking Simba on top, looking down at his father's edible body. The moment Leona saw her cake, she was pleased with the detailing.


The cake was specially made by the Thirsty Whale Bakery in Minneapolis, and in an interview with Today, her mom admitted that she was too embarrassed to call and had to email them her request.

The preschooler's Lion King became a thing of concern to most Twitter users who felt it was awkward that a three-year-old would want to be selfish with her birthday cake. One user wrote, "How sad! I remember when three-year-olds were excited to share their birthday cakes with their friends."

She wore black and white makeup and posed beside a creepy blow-up nun.


Another displeased user remarked, "She has a great criminal career ahead of her! I would worry about this behavior." A third user noted that he was disturbed that the three-year-old's parents did not deem her behavior inappropriate. A fourth user commented:

"I don't know dude.... Sounds pretty selfish and without compassion. Not a good sign. Just sayin."


Leona's mom Alison, read the comments on the post and reacted to them. She explained that the three-year-old is hilarious and quirky but also has empathy towards other kids.

According to a post, kids' birthday parties can be terrifying and sometimes creepy. Another three year old enjoyed a horror film inspired party. Her story joins the list of kids' birthday parties that shocked the world.

The three-year-old Lucia dressed up as a scary nun, inspired by the 2018 horror film "The Nun." She wore black and white makeup and posed beside a creepy blow-up nun.

The post generated a series of funny remarks from other Twitter users after her uncle explained that her friends were part of the fun. Some users noted that it was both fun and creepy.