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Daily Joke: A Man Goes to Tuck His Son in for the Night

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 12, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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Premonitions are usually seen as hoaxes by people who don’t believe in them, but the man in the following joke eventually learned that they were true when his son’s dreams kept coming true.


A man walked into his son’s room to tuck him in for the night and found that the boy was thrashing and mumbling while having a nightmare. The man woke the child up and asked him if he was okay.

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With tears in his eyes, the little boy confessed that he was scared because he’d just dreamt that Auntie Mary had passed away. Brushing the dream off, the father assured the boy everything was fine.

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The parent promised that Auntie Mary was going to be okay and bid his son goodnight after tucking him in. The following day, the family heard that the aunt had, indeed, passed on.

About two weeks later, the father, once again, goes to his son’s bedroom to wish him goodnight. He finds the boy in a state while having another terrible nightmare.

A close-up of the scared eyes of a little boy | Photo: Pixabay/Gisela Merkuur


The parent gently wakes him up and calms him down. The emotional and frightened boy explains to his father that he just had another dream, and this time his grandpapa was the one who died.

Not taking the nightmares seriously, the father reassures the little boy and tells him grandpapa will be fine, and no harm will befall him. He tucks the boy back into bed and bids him goodnight.

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The following day, grandpapa passes away. About a week later, the man goes to his son’s bedroom to wish him goodnight and finds him having another one of his nightmares and wakes him up.

This time, the boy can’t stop crying as he informs his father in between sobs that he dreamt the man was next to die. Choosing to be brave, the father assures the boy all is well and bids him good night.

A man covering his mouth while yawning | Photo: Pixabay/Sammy-Williams


The man goes to his own room but can’t sleep as he mulls over his son’s dream. The next day, the man wakes up feeling groggy from not sleeping enough and spends the day terrified for his life.

The parent believes that he’s the next person to die, and after getting dressed, he drives very slowly to work, scared he might get into a crash. At work, he doesn’t eat because he’s scared of getting food poisoning.

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He avoids all his colleagues as he’s certain he’s going to die somehow. Every noise he hears makes him jump and freaks out at everything before hiding under his work desk.

At the end of the day, he gets home opens the door, and tells his wife that he’d just had the worst day of his entire life! Surprised by his statement, she informs him:

“You think your day was a mess, our milkman dropped dead on the doorstep this morning!”

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