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Cancer Love Chart — Best Relationship Matches for This Zodiac Sign

Laura Beatham
Jun 12, 2021
09:00 A.M.
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This love chart shows which star signs are most compatible with the sensitive, romantic, nurturing, and caring water sign of Cancer.


Zodiac Signs are a great tool to learn about someone's possible traits and what makes them tick. It can be helpful for some people who need a little bit of advice about something but do not know where to start.

This article will map out the top four star signs that are compatible with Cancer and explain why a relationship between these two star signs could possibly last till the end of time.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 23) represented by a woman in a polka surrounded by flora. | Photo: AmoMama



This is a pairing that could stand the test of time because Cancers will instantly feel emotionally connected to Virgos. Virgos are the Zodiac's helper, while Cancers are the nurturers. As a result, they will feel recharged in one another's company.

This is a sappy and innocent pairing filled with hand-holding and sentimental gifts and cards. Both love each other by nagging, fussing, and feeding, acting as both partners and parents, but it works as they both feel cared for and appreciated.

Cancers and Virgos are both family orientated and enjoy family gatherings and hosting holiday parties. In terms of their own family, this pair will be sweet but strict parents whose children are their everything. Both would have planned and prepared for children, starting early on in the relationship.


Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20) represented by a woman with horns. | Photo: AmoMama


If Cancer and Capricorn can work with each other's differences, then this is a couple who can redress each other's shortcomings and make a long-lasting duo who will support each other in ways the other did not know they needed.


Where a Cancer is emotional and sentimental, a Capricorn is more stiff and controlled. The opposite nature of the signs can be off-putting, but it can also be a match that must learn how the other needs to be loved.

Capricorn must learn to honor Cancer's feelings, while Cancer should appreciate Capricorn's loyalty and stability. In terms of family life, this pair would make a great team as they offer different perspectives. First, however, they must both learn to listen.

Pisces (Feb 18 - Mar 20) represented by a woman with fish earrings. | Photo: AmoMama



These two water signs are a tender match made up of romantic nights, listening to musical ballads, long hours of kissing, and snuggles. There's nothing a heartfelt gesture cannot cure for these two. This relationship is their happy place and refuge.

However, it can become a fishbowl for two as they absorb one another and slowly become one. So instead, they should use their love of creating the perfect moment to host a gorgeous dinner party with friends or invite other couples over for a game night.

When these two signs love, they love hard, but this also means they can hold onto harmful emotions and grudges. Both can be passive-aggressive and petty, so they should learn when it is appropriate to move on, say I'm sorry, and embrace each other in a long and cozy hug.


Taurus (April 20 - May 21) represented by a woman with short horns. | Photo: AmoMama


Cancer and Taurus seem like high school sweethearts no matter what age. They'll create a cozy home filled with tradition, sentiment, and family-orientated values. Both crave lifelong security, a comfortable home, and having a sizeable nest egg for the future.


This is a love story for the ages, as the two emulate their parents (and make up for their shortcomings) and share a similar moral compass. Together, they seek out cultural adventures such as fining dining experiences, plays, and concerts.

As parents who work together well, Taurus's tough loving nature is just what the children need, and Cancer affectionately kisses away any boo-boo. However, Tauruses may need to dial back their volcanic nature to match Cancers' sensitive and emotional being.


Although the signs above are rated the best for Cancers, that does not mean the sign could not have a fulfilling and passionate relationship with any of the other Zodiac signs.

After all, it is all about learning about one's partner's differences and what one loves about the other. With more intense signs, Cancers should try not to take things too personally and rather try to understand where they are coming from.