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People Proudly Share Touching Moments with Their Parents Set to 'Mamma Mia' Song

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 12, 2021
09:30 A.M.
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The recent trends hitting the Tik Tok waves have many users showing spectacular moments in their relationship with their parents. Many passed their message with a heart-melting sound from Mamma Mia.


For a while now, the vibrant energy of Tik Tok users has been up, as they brought back sweet memories of 2008's jukebox musical film, "Mamma Mia," as well as some soul-stirring moments with their parents.

Many showed that the love and acts of service that their parents showed them over the years did not go unnoticed. In one of the trending clips, a young lady remembered her dad's actions on her wedding day.

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The internet user wrote a back story noting that her parents struggled to have kids for years before adopting her. She posted images of when her dad heartily danced with her on her big day.

Another Tik Tok-er recalled the time her dad wanted to bond with her and her sister. She relayed that he organized a "Gilmore Girls' themed party and even dressed up for the part.


A third video showed a lady happily reminiscing the precious moment she and her loved ones took her father-in-law to top golf while he was on crutches. The image shifted to that of a senior citizen enjoying a game of golf.

Proud parents who believe their kids are more special than others tend to give them unique and uncommon names.


More of the pleasing family moments clip included a sweet video of another Tik Tok user who noted that the road to their home was flooded, and their dad did not hesitate to paddle over and bring the much-needed diapers.

The "Slipping Through My Fingers" song gently moved through, carrying off a warming message through the clips. The trends also extended to grandparents, who played unique roles.


Another lady raised the trend bar when she posted the lovely moment her 85-year-old granddad accompanied her to prom as her date, as he found out she did not have a date.

The overview of the appealing family clips and moments was a way for many teenagers and young adults to show appreciation to their parents and the caring adults who showed them, love.


In the spirit of recognizing parents' efforts and honoring them, a 7-year-old girl went viral on Memorial Day after she ran 7 miles extra to honor her dad, who died when she was one year old.

The preteen Makenzie Kemp joined her family and ran the Marine Raider Foundation's 5-mile run in honor of her late dad. However, at the last minute, she requested to run two extra miles.


This, she did in honor of her father, Sgt. Kerry Michael Kemp, who died alongside six other marines. The seven officers lost their lives in a Black Hawk training crash.

More often than not, many parents do everything they can to go the extra mile to make sure that their kids are not lacking; however, some tend to go over the top sometimes.


Studies and theories posited have shown that proud parents who believe their kids are more special than others tend to give them unique and uncommon names.

The hypothesis also states that parents who often view their children as more talented than others tend to exaggerate their abilities and lie about their achievements.