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Parable of the Day: There Were Two Neighbors Living Right Next to Each Other

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 05, 2021
02:45 A.M.
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Two neighbors who lived close to each other had gardens they watered. Then, one day, a strong wind wrecked damages in the garden of one of the neighbors, teaching him a powerful lesson.


In a town, two neighbors were living close to each other. One of them was a retired teacher, and the second once worked as an insurance agent but had a lot of technology.

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The two friends planted different seeds in their gardens, but the retired teacher did not pay much attention to his plants and hardly gave them sufficient water to grow.


The other neighbor interested in technology took proper care of his plants and ensured he gave them sufficient water for their growth. After a while, his garden began to look just like he wanted.

The insurance agent's plants looked full and green, while the retired teacher's plant looked simple, but they were good. Then, one day, a heavy storm in their area came with a strong wind that caused damage.

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The next day, both neighbors rushed to their gardens to check if the wind had caused damage to their plants. Unfortunately, the insurance agent neighbor observed that his plants were totally damaged from their roots.

The retired teacher checked his garden and noticed that his plants were as good as he had left them, and no damage was done. However, both neighbors had different emotions.

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The insurance agent was a bit shocked to see that his neighbor's plants were still intact, and he walked to him and said, "We both grew the same plants together, I actually looked after my plants better than you did for yours, and even gave them more water." He continued:

"Still, my plants came off from the roots, while yours didn't. How is that possible?"


His neighbor smiled and explained that the insurance agent had given his plants too much attention by watering them often, so the plants never had to work for themselves.

He noted that he deliberately gave his plants an adequate amount of water, which helped their roots search for more water and gave them a better position that made them stronger.

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Moral lesson: This is a story about parenting in which children are compared to plants. If they are given everything, they will not understand the effort required to obtain those things. They will not learn to work and respect themselves.

Therefore, it is sometimes preferable to guide kids rather than give things to them. For example, teach them how to walk, but allow them to choose their path. Here's another parable with actionable insights.

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