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Yvette Nicole Brown Lost Weight Due to Diabetes – inside Her Weight Loss Transformation

Dayna Remus
Jun 15, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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After being told she may lose her feet, actress Yvette Nicole Brown decided to transform her life completely, shedding many pounds in the process.


When Yvette Nicole Brown was officially diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she made a vow to change her lifestyle. She began to exercise more frequently and change her eating habits.

The actress implied that she was almost frightened into action, with the idea of losing her feet from her diagnoses acting as a deep motivator. However, she feels that people misinterpret her reasons for the change.

Yvette Nicole Brown at the NAACP Image Awards - Nominees Luncheon on February 01, 2020 in Pasadena. | Photo: Getty Images



Brown says that some well-intentioned comments can rub her the wrong way, focusing on the superficial aspects instead of the fact that she had to lose weight for serious health reasons. She exclaimed on Twitter:

"I was literally SICK and changing everything so I could LIVE and people were like: What’s your diet tips, skinny?"

Many people thanked Brown for her openness when talking about her diabetes, relating to her with their own stories. Others agree that many focus too much on the superficial, stating that Brown was always gorgeous.



Brown has always been about self-love, on the inside and out. She posted a gorgeous and curvaceous picture of herself, letting everyone know through her hashtags that they are all beautiful in their own unique way.

She wonders if having high sugar in the African-American community has been normalized.

She posts many pictures of herself, unafraid to show off her body. In one, she dons a green jacket over a tight sequined dress, another a traditional African-style ensemble, and a glittering green figure-hugging outfit shot.



The actress has expressed that her weight loss journey has always been about getting better and not about vanity. She explained that she already accepted her body as is, stating:

"I was fine being chubby. I was never someone that hated being chubby, and I never hated my body or any of that."

However, the performer declared that she has no problem with individuals who choose to shed some pounds to look the way they want. That is just not her approach, Brown said.



She opened up about her diabetes, confessing that she wonders if having high sugar in the African-American community has been normalized. The actress explained that in her family, it is not taken seriously.

Despite this, she eventually realized that she had to truly change the way she approached her health. She described this revelation as liberating.


Chrissy Metz, well known as playing the character Kate from the homely series "This Is Us," has also opened up about her weight loss journey. Metz's experienced a lot of fat-shaming when she was younger, causing low confidence.

As an adult, she went through a period of depression, eating food to cope. Eventually, she began losing weight for her health, learning to love her body in the process.