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Rude Teens Mock Monkeys at the Zoo, Rich Woman Teaches Them a Lesson — Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 09, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Claudia, a successful lawyer, brought her five-year-old daughter to a local zoo one day. As they walked around and appreciated the different animals, the duo came across three teenagers standing around a cage with monkeys, grimacing at them and insulting the animals with obscene language. Claudia did not want her toddler to hear such foul language. So, she decided to approach them and teach respect.


The closer Claudia got, the clearer she heard the teens using obscene language while mocking and calling the monkeys stupid. The kids began filming tactics to upset the monkeys on their phones.

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However, the three monkeys in the aviary sat in silence and watched the teenagers trigger them. Claudia did not like the kids' behavior and did not want her toddler to hear such foul language. So, she decided to approach them nicely.

"Hi guys! You are so active with the monkeys," she said. "I understand that you think you are much better than them?" The teens looked at each other and started laughing at Claudia.

"Of course, we're better. These are dumb animals, while we're the highest stage of evolution," one said. "We have intelligence, and they have a roll in the head," added another while laughing.

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Claudia approached the basket with bananas, took one, and threw it into the aviary. One of the monkeys quickly ran up, took the fruit, climbed a branch, and began to eat it. The teens simply watched as the woman fed.

Claudia threw a second banana into the aviary. Two other monkeys quickly ran towards it, although the faster one took the banana and began to eat it. When Claudia threw the third banana, the last monkey calmly took it and ate.

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The teens continued to watch intently but could not understand what the woman tried to do. Then, she took out a $100 bill from her purse, looked at the teens, and asked, "Guys, who can I give $100 to?"

All three looked at each other and said, "me!" Claudia smiled, held out her hand, and said, "So take it." The fastest guy wan and took the bill. Claudia pulled out a smaller bill and looked at them again, "And who wants this one?"

The same fast guy tried to take the money again, but his strong friend pushed him away so that he fell to the ground. The muscular guy took the second bill and rejoiced. Claudia once again pulled out a bill and handed it to the boys without a word.


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The third guy hoped that he would get the bill, but the strong guy pushed him and took it. As the only teen without money from Claudia, he began to complain and took offense at his friends.


All three began to quarrel about the money, with one claiming it should be equally split between them. One even began pushing the other, initiating a physical fight to happen.

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Claudia smiled and loudly said, "You're arguing now, and each of the three monkeys is happy. So who's better?" The boys fell silent and looked at each other while the happy woman carried her child and left.

What can we learn from Claudia's story?

1. Animals deserve to be respected

2. Humans can be irrational

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