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5 Interesting Puzzles with Words

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 09, 2021
11:10 P.M.
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Riddles and puzzles are more than fun to chase away boredom; they are also creative activities that stimulate the mind. Today's #riddleoftheday consists of five word-based brain teasers that are guaranteed to lighten up your day.


There are days when unpredictable events such as blackouts or rainstorms keep us from enjoying technological comforts such as TV and video games. However, instead of picking up your phone to pass the time on social media, solving a puzzle is better.

Riddles and puzzles are great ways to increase your knowledge while having a good time simultaneously. Are you ready to enrich your day? Keep reading to test your capabilities with these five unique brain teasers.

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The first puzzle contains six definitions, and the answer to each of them begins with the prefix, "para." However, this puzzle can be pretty tricky, so you will need to think twice before answering.

1. Two tender green plant growths.

2. Two 10-cent pieces.

3. Two male bovines.

4. Two shark appendages.

5. Two untruths.

6. Two furry family members.


Hint: Feeling lost? Here is a little help to guide your brainstorming process.

1. Something used to stop a fall.


2. A typical model of something. 

3. A moral tale.

4. Wax.

5. To stop a person's movement. 

6. A short wall.



To curtail a word means to shorten it by removing the last letter. However, the remnant is still a valid word. For example, Begin —>  Heavenly body can be curtailed to form Start—> Star. Now that you understand try the questions below. A clue would be given for the longer word.

1. Fragmented; torn —> Lacking funds

2. Place of shelter; a refuge —> Possess; own

3. Community; village—> Pull behind

4. Paradise —> Throw with effort


5. Grass —> set of rules imposed by an authority

6. Chess piece —> Clawed animal foot

7. Bedding, tablecloth —> A mark longer than it is wide

8. Baker's number —> Sleep lightly


Hint: The answers start with these letters:

1. B

2. H

3. T

4. H

5. L

6. P

7. L

8. D



A palindrome refers to words or phrases that can be spelled the same way, either forward or backward, as in Bob and Eve. Now try to identify what palindromic words best fit the clues below.

1. Midday.

2. A young dog.

3. Flat.

4. Another name for a lady.

5. An Eskimo canoe.

6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc.


7. An action.

8. Music pieces for a person.

9. Grass that grows on the seashore.

10. Half a semibreve.

11. Doctrine.

12. Restorer.



To curtail a word means to remove the last letter of the word and achieve a whole new valid one. Here are a few words you can practice with.

1. Attract or please through personality —> To burn; scorch

2. Giving out moderate heat —> Conflict between nations

3. Kingdom; domain —> True; genuine

4. Solid, hard; fixed in place —> Type of evergreen tree

5. Remove from the surface; glide on a surface —> Narrow runner for gliding on snow


6. Line formed by sewing two pieces together —> Large body of saltwater

7. Sew the edge of a cloth —> Male person

8. Agriculture site —>At a great distance


Hint: The words start with these letters:

1. C

2. W

3. R

4. F

5. S

6. S

7. H

8. F



Finally, the last puzzle! There exists something that, once it is thrown from the window, it leaves behind a grieving wife. However, if it is brought back through a door, it gives someone life. What is it?

Answers to Puzzle One

1. Parachutes

2. Paradigms

3. Parables

4. Paraffins

5. Paralyze

6. Parapets


Answers to Puzzle Two

1. Broken —>Broke


2. Haven —> Have

3. Town —> Tow

4. Heaven —> Heave

5. Lawn —> Law

6. Pawn —> Paw

7. Linen —> Line

8. Dozen —> Doze


Answers to Puzzle Three

1. Noon.

2. Pup.

3. Level.

4. Madam.

5. Kayak.

6. Radar.

7. Deed.

8. Solos.

9. Marram.

10. Minim.

11. Tenet.


12. Reviver.

Answers to Puzzle Four

1. Charm —> Char


2. Warm —> War

3. Realm —> Real

4. Firm —> Fir

5. Skim —> Ski

6. Seam —> Sea

7. Hem —> He

8. Farm —> Far

Answer to Riddle Five 

The letter 'n.' If 'n' is removed from the word window, it forms, widow. However, if 'n' is added to the word door, we get donor.