TikTok/ @heyshantaq
TikTok/ @heyshantaq

Mom Goes Viral After Call from Daughter's School Telling Her She Leaves with a Stranger Daily – Here's What Happened

Jun 11, 2021
02:30 P.M.

TikToker Shanta Quilette shares a funny story about receiving a call from her daughter's school informing her that she leaves with a strange man every day.


A mom and TikToker, Shanta Quilette shares a video narrating an incident where the school informed her that her daughter leaves with a strange man daily.

The seemingly distressed mother further explains that the stranger is not the father, as the school clarified. She continued to unveil the story of how her heart was beating outside of her chest.

Screenshot of TikTokker relaying incident that occurred at her daughter's school. | Source: TikTok/@heyshantaq

Screenshot of TikTokker relaying incident that occurred at her daughter's school. | Source: TikTok/@heyshantaq

The TikTok influencer explains that she had instructed the school to inform her if her daughter leaves the school with someone other than her guardians. She continues to explain in a voice full of emotions how the school described the strange man:

“ They said he was tall, stubby, looked like he was out of shape; his hair was fragile, he had a light mustache.”


She took a breath and continued to describe how she inquired if the school has any proof for the claim they are making. They shared a picture with her. Shanta recalls being shocked and terrified after seeing the evidence.


The petrified followers, who usually join her for her comical content, waited for the conclusion. The grieving mother made a frustrated face, and almost in tears, she exclaimed:

“It was me, without my wig! It was me, y’all!”

The revelation cracked up TikTok, and her video got viral and received more than 30K comments. The viral TikTok star asked her fans if they had a nice laugh. Going by the enormous engagement the TikTok video has received, the followers were amused.


One of her followers commented that such videos are the reason why people keep coming to her channel. Another user revealed that they almost drove off the road, laughing hard!

[T]he brave soul was able to defend herself and run away.

Another of the viewers said he went from concerned to being 'dead' in just ten seconds. In contrast, another user expressed concern over her daughter's school security but was delighted by the TikTok influencer.


Meanwhile, lack of security in schools has been a reason of great concern worldwide, especially in countries like Nigeria, where nearly 300 girls were kidnapped by armed men from their boarding school in Jangebe, Zamfara state.

Fortunately, the students were released after a couple of days, revealed the Zamfara state government official. The abduction cases are on a high in Nigeria, with students being the primary targets.


Another news about an attempted abduction came from Pensacola, Florida, where a young girl, 11, fought off a kidnapper. While waiting at her bus stop, she was grabbed by Jared Paul Stanga, the kidnapper. Fortunately, the brave soul was able to defend herself and run away.

In similar news, a ten-year-old boy went missing on his way to school from the roads of Lytchett Estate, Enfield in Northern London, at around 8.20 AM. Enfield Police revealed that the young pupil, Demetrace Nyakana, never arrived at his school, but thankfully, the boy was found safe and sound.

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