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Young Businessman Gets Revenge on the Man Who Fired Him 5 Years Ago – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 13, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Charlie is a very ambitious and persistent worker. The manager fires him, thinking that Charlie is applying for his position. A few years later, Charlie creates his own company and shows the former manager where his place is.


Having been raised in a low-income household, Charlie wanted to thrive in his adult years. So he promised his parents, who worked tirelessly to send him to school, that he would one day give them a comfortable life.

So when Charlie became a manager in one of the local travel agencies, he did his best and aimed to be the best branch. His diligence and ambition brought him the best results, and soon, he was recognized by the main office.

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Charlie’s superior promoted him to work in the central office, where he had a new boss, James, one of the company’s directors. Although Charlie held high regard for his boss, there were times when their ideas would clash.

Wanting the best for the company, Charlie always stood his ground and backed up his ideas with facts and research. As a result, it often turned out that his decisions were more successful than James’ choices.

Charlie’s other superiors saw his talents and potential, which threatened James. Every time Charlie would get praises for a job well done, James would fear that the man would soon take his place.


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At one point, James heard that the CEO noticed Charlie’s efforts in making the company grow and realized that he was no match. So, he devised a plan for Charlie to make a big mistake and eventually fire him.


As his direct superior, James decided not to accept Charlie’s excuse and let him go. Charlie was devastated and told his parents that he would bounce back in the industry. Since he was able to save enough, living frugally for years, Charlie started a company.

It was a small travel agency that allowed tourists to tour the country. With his hard work and dedication, Charlie’s business grew within a few years and was recognized by international agencies.

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Soon enough, he became a direct competitor of the company he once worked for. When the pandemic happened, travel agencies were severely affected, but Charlie’s company thrived.

It was an unfortunate loss that his previous CEO passed away, and without his guidance, the company collapsed. Charlie felt bad for all his former colleagues, but still, he continued working hard and organizing trips within the country.

When quarantine ended, his company was the only travel agency with enough money to resume operations. So he immediately called the new CEO of his previous company and offered to acquire it.


The owner immediately agreed, but James was adamantly against it. When the deal was closed, Charlie became James’ new boss. Initially, he thought Charlie would fire him, but instead, he asked to have a private conversation.

“I will not fire you, despite what you did to me,” Charlie said. “But you will no longer be a director. If you want to work here, start as being head of the department. Then, if you perform well with no complaints, you will return to the main office.

James was angry with his new boss’s decision but could not refuse. Unfortunately, the pandemic left many unemployed, and he was lucky to still have a job in the best travel agency in town.


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The next day, James led the same department Charlie had previously headed but could not even show the same high results. It has been months since, and he is still struggling to make significant outputs.


What can we learn from this story?

1. A good mentor should be proud that his mentee is doing well.

2. Be proud of other people’s successes.

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