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Stunning Celestial Solar Eclipse 'Ring of Fire' Lights up the Night Sky

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 11, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Mesmerizing astronomical Solar Eclipse "Ring of fire" covers the sky. A time when the moon takes over some parts of the sun forming a beautiful image while casting a shadow on the earth.


A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth. This causes some parts of the planet to experience total or partial blocking from the sun's light, leaving those areas affected without illumination.

On Jun 10, 2021, residents of the earth's northern hemisphere will experience a partial or annular eclipse of the sun. A time when the moon is far from the world and appears smaller than the sun in the sky.

Partial solar eclipse from kochi in 2019 | Photo: Shutterstock


As the moon would look smaller, it wouldn't prevent the complete view of the sun. The moon would appear small, dark, and disclike, resting on the top of a brighter bigger disc, that looks like a fire ring around the moon.

While some parts of the globe would experience a partial solar eclipse, residents in places like Greenland, northern Russia, and Canada will fully view the annular eclipse.

A screenshot of the details of an annular eclipse | Photo: twitter.com/Forbes


It is advised to wear the appropriate eye protection when viewing the solar eclipse to prevent any damage to the eye, as part of the sun rays will shine behind the moon. All eclipse glass purchased must meet the standard for eye protection.

The next time the moon and the sun would cause another celestial "ring of fire" will be on May 9, 2032.

A screenshot of a 'ring of fire' solar eclipse | Photo: twitter.com/NewsNation Now


The eclipse shades should be properly inspected before use. People who usually wear glasses should also note that they can not view the eclipse with their ordinary glasses as they can wear the eclipse viewer on their glasses.

It is also advised to avoid viewing the eclipse through a camera, telescope, or any optical instrument while using your viewing equipment. The solar rays can penetrant the filter and cause severe injury to the eye.

A screenshot of an annular eclipse | Photo: twitter.com/BBC News (World)


According to Prof Lucie Green, the eclipse helps us acknowledge the sun better. During an eclipse, if one concentrates enough, it is possible to experience the moon move in front of the sun, reminding us of the solar system we reside in.

A solar eclipse happens on rare occasions, and the next time the moon and the sun would cause another celestial "ring of fire" will be on May 9, 2032. When this occurs, 99.57% of the sun would be covered, causing a slimmer ring of light.

A screenshot of a solar eclipse | Photo: twitter.com/AP Health & Science

Another total solar eclipse will occur soon in the North region of America. The total eclipse happens when the new moon moves between the sun and the earth. During a total eclipse, the moon covers the sun's entire disk, casting a shadow on the earth.


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