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Husband Returns to His Wife Early and Sees Someone Else Laying under the Blanket – Story from Subscriber

Bettina Dizon
Jun 14, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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The husband returned early from a business trip and decided to surprise his wife. When he went into the bedroom, he saw that someone was lying near his wife.


When Pierce and Cassandra got married, they barely made ends meet. Although both were college graduates, juggling their careers while raising kids at a young age seemed impossible. Still, they overcame challenges and gave their children great lives.

Years later, Pierce started his own business, which imported products from other countries. At first, he went on frequent business trips to other countries until his company was stable and generating income.

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When their kids had families of their own, Pierce and Cassandra moved into a gated subdivision in California. Pierce's business grew into an empire, and he became busier each day.

On the other hand, Cassandra was a stay-at-home wife and spent her time taking yoga and pilates classes or cooking for her husband. Still, her days got lonely as her husband was always at work.

One evening, she aired her sentiments to Pierce and said she felt lonely being home. So, the next day, Pierce surprised his wife with a puppy who will keep her company. It didn't take long before Cassandra's words made her husband think.

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Pierce had thoughts that his wife might end up looking for a man who wouldn't make her lonely. But whenever he jokingly mentioned his thoughts to Cassandra, she just laughed and said:

"Darling, no matter how lonely I feel at times, you are the only man I will ever love. You hold my heart."

His wife's reassurance brought peace to Pierce's days. He also made a constant effort to come home earlier than usual when possible and lessen his business trips out of the country.

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One day, a big business deal landed before Pierce, and he had to leave the country to negotiate and sign contracts. This was terrible news for Cassandra, who had to be alone for five days. Still, she encouraged her husband to do his best and make the business flourish.

While out of town, Pierce finished his business sooner than expected and came home a day earlier. He picked up a bouquet of flowers and waffles for his wife on his way home from the airport as a surprise.

However, upon entering his house, Pierce saw two wine glasses on their coffee table, nearly empty. He knew his wife did not like drinking, so instantly, he thought that she had someone over the night before.


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Thoughts ran through Pierce's head, and as he walked towards the bedroom, his heart beat faster. As soon as he opened the door, he saw his wife sleeping in bed with another person underneath the sheets.


He dropped everything that he was holding and felt his knees weaken. Finally, the time came when Cassandra could no longer bear her loneliness and found comfort in the arms of another man. As Cassandra heard the noise and woke up, Pierce said:

"How could you? Why would you? You said I was the only one!"

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Suddenly, the person under the sheets removed the blanket and said, "Dad? Why are you so noisy? I feel like my children are here. It's too early for this!" Cassandra began to laugh as she approached her husband and brought him out of the room.

"When I entered, I saw the wine glasses, and I thought you were with another man," Pierce said. Cassandra hugged her husband and replied, "I got too scared being alone and called our daughter. She came over, also wanting time alone from her toddlers."

"I would never cheat on you, Pierce. I love you so much!" she added. The couple laughed for a while and went to the dining table to have breakfast. Since then, Pierce has made sure to bring his wife on business trips.


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